wifi problem that turns on and off on android

You have problems with your smartphone's Wifi, it turns on and off by itself for no reason. It is very restrictive in both cases. When he goes out by itself while you need it, or else it lights up by itself while you want to cut it.

In these two situations, it can quickly become a problem: if your wifi turns off by itself this can lead to overconsumption of mobile data if you download for example. Or if you do not want to activate the wifi, to save battery, if it turns on by itself, this can lead to excessive battery consumption.

In any case, we will provide you with as many answers and tips as possible in this article to solve your Wifi problems on your Android smartphone.

We are going to suggest steps you can take to correct these problems, and stabilize the Wifi, whether it is on or off.

How to fix wifi problems on Android smartphone

We will first bring together the different wifi problems that you may encounter on your phone, in order to better target the cause of the malfunctions.

Wifi turns off by itself on my Android phone

First, we will focus on the wifi problems Thu go out on their own. If you are looking for an application to optimize your wifi, and better capture it, it's here:

Application to better detect and optimize your WiFi on Android

Battery saver turns off WiFi automatically

The first thing to check is battery saver. This parameter will optimize resources in order to minimize energy expenditure, and therefore potentially cut off the WiFi connection, which consumes battery power.

To do this, go to settings from your phone:

  • Type battery in the search bar at the top of the screen
  • Open the tab battery, as below
economy mode which automatically turns off wifi on android

Make sure that the economical feeding methods are not activated by mistake. Those cis considerably limit the use of the functions of the telephone to save battery.

If nothing is checked here, then the problem is elsewhere.

Option to disable Wifi when the smartphone goes to sleep

Among others battery saving options, on some Android smartphones there is the option to “turn off wifi when the phone goes to sleep”.

This may be what is causing you concern and which cuts your wifi permanently. To check, follow this manipulation:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Open the Wifi tab
  • Press the 3 small dots at the top right, then the " advanced options« 
  • You will see the option " wifi active in standby« 
wifi active in standby to keep it on on android

Make sure the option is checked on " toujours“, So that your wifi is not cut.

You may not have access to this option, it all depends on the brand of your phone, and the version of Android you have.

Here are some other tips for Wifi problems that turn on and off by themselves on Android.

Connection optimizer on some Android smartphones

This option exists on some Android smartphones. Usually on Samsung phones, it sometimes appears on other brands.

This tool allows switch between Wifi and your mobile data, depending on the strongest signal. This results in a stronger and more stable connection. Obviously, it will intermittently cut your Wifi, if your 4G connection is stronger at times.

To prevent your WiFi from being cut regularly, do like this:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the " More networks« 
  • From there, you can open the option " Connection optimization« 
  • If you do not not want your Wifi to turn on and off incessantly, turn off this functionality, and restart your phone

Disable the Wifi timer which automatically deactivates your wifi

There is a feature on many phones that allows to cut the wifi when your smartphone is not in use for a certain period of time. If you have activated it by mistake, then this could be the cause of your Wifi which cuts out regularly.

To check if this option is checked or not, follow this step:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the Wifi tab, and then the tab " plus« 
  • Open advanced options
  • You can logically see here the option " wifi timer", Deactivate it to stop the intermittent shutdown of your wifi

Application that conflicts with your Wifi

Some applications can conflict with your phone and sometimes turn it off for no apparent reason. If you notice that your WiFi problem is recent, try to uninstall recent apps, and monitor the status of your phone.

It has been reported, for example, that anti-virus as McAfee without any reason consider certain Wi-Fi as dangerous, and cut it off in prevention. So keep an eye on the applications linked to the Internet.

Your VPN interfering with your Wifi

If you are using a VPN, it is possible that it modifies your connection preferences and thusi am disturbing the wifi connection. This is even more the case with lower quality free VPNs.

If so, uninstall the VPN and try to connect to Wifi again, you should see a difference in the stability of your connection.

Here are the main causes that could cause your Wifi to stop unexpectedly. From now on we will try analyze the causes which could, conversely, cause the launch of your Wifi without you wanting to.

The wifi of my Android smartphone turns on automatically what to do

Now we will try to focus on the causes that can cause your Wifi to turn on without you wanting to.

Logically, first make sure that the option "Automatic Wifi »Is unchecked in the WiFi settings.

Otherwise, there is another function that can turn on the Wifi. Implemented on Android smartphones since version 9, this feature was intended to help you save mobile data, in itself connecting automatically to a WiFi network, if you had logged in to this one before.

In other words, if you've ever connected your phone to a public network in a cafe, as soon as you go back there, your Wifi turns on.

Disable the "Wifi Wake up" function on an Android smartphone

This option is available when you access your Wifi settings. To deactivate it, do like this:

  • Open the Wifi tab with the list of Surrounding wifi
  • Cut your Wifi, so that you can access your advanced settings, as in the picture below
wifi settings to keep it off on android
  • Click on advanced settings
  • Disable the 1st option. As explained in the description, this feature will automatically search permanently for favorite networks if they are accessible, and there connect automatically, even with the Wifi cut off
wifi settings to keep it off on android smartphone

Here are the little tips to better control the use of your Wifi, on Android smartphones.

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