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You love to personalize your smartphone from different widgets, but recently you realize that some widgets have disappeared. By bad handling, or a phone bug?

Through this article, we will try to analyze why your widgets may have disappeared, and most importantly, how to solve this problem so that it does not happen again.

We will offer you a set of solutions that you can test on your phone, in order to resolve the issue.

How to fix widget missing issues on smartphone

In order to determine where the problem when widgets disappeared, it is important to analyze what may have been done that changed your phone.

Updating widgets related applications

It is possible, when you have updated an application, that the widget linked to it is malfunctioning. Most of the time, it is enough to uninstall the widgets and reinstall them in order to make them work again correctly.

If that doesn't work, you can consider go back to a previous update of your applications, in order to restore the widgets. To install an old version, visit this website, which has all the previous versions of your applications:

Install an old version of an application on Android

If, however, you have not updated your app for a long time, then it may be worth updating to see if the widgets work properly again and reappear.

Applications moved to the external memory card

When you install a widget, it depends on an application, and constantly communicates with it. It means he has need to know the exact location of its position on your phone, to exchange data.

If you have configured a widget linked to an application, and that subsequently, you have moved this app on another storage area, you cut the link between the two.

In order to resolve this, delete et recreate this widget again, Or relocate your application so that the connection is restored.

Clear the cache of applications connected to your widgets

Very often Widget issues on Android are related to related apps. It is therefore advisable to seek the solution on the side of these applications.

Try to clear the cache of these applications, then restart your phone, to see if your widgets reappear.

To clear the cache of an application:

  • Go to your smartphone settings
  • Open the applications tab
  • Find the app linked to your widget
  • Open the storage option
  • Tap on clear cache and clear data

It could solve your widgets problems that disappear on your phone.

Widgets that disappear: Update your Android system

IF the solutions proposed above do not work, and your widgets keep disappearing unexpectedly, try to update your Android operating system if possible.

For a little help on this, check out this article:

Switch back to another Launcher tool for your smartphone

If you use a Launcher other than the one proposed by default, in particular for example Nova Launcher, it is possible that it conflicts with your widgets.

Little reminder, a Launcher is the system that allows you to see your applications, and to navigate on your phone. The default one on Android works fine with widgets, but some custom like Nova Launcher may not work.

The main reason is that they block widgets by default. In settings of your Launcher, check permissions, and make sure that the widgets are allowed.

Here is a set of solutions for solve problems with widgets that are malfunctioning and disappearing. If you have other issues on your phone, here is some help on these related articles: