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The now famous service of speech Recognition by Google is a tool more and more used on smartphone. By the simple voice, and some voice commands specific, you can request almost anything from your phone.

Voice Match allows you to record your voice, so that it is recognized by the voice assistant.

However, for various reasons it sometimes happens that Voice Match no longer recognizes your voice, or very badly. This results in imprecise voice commands, and therefore a tool that no longer works.

The goal here is you help solve this problem. We will cover all the solutions and tips that we could find in order to help you reconfigure Voice Match so that it recognizes your voice.

Voice Match does not recognize my voice, what to do? Answer in this article.

What to do when Voice Match no longer recognizes my voice

Here are all the solutions we have put together for solve your problems when Voice Match does not recognize my voice. Make sure you test everything carefully to find the source of the problem.

Did you accidentally deactivate the voice assistant?

First thing to check, however trivial, the activation of the Google voice command service. Type Voice Match in your smartphone settings, and check that the Google Assistant is active.

If everything is activated normally, then let's move on.

Voice recognition bug: You have little or no internet network

You should know that the Google voice command services are only accessible through the web, and therefore require permanent internet connection.

You can not do not ask your phone for the weather forecast if it has no internet connectionEg.

So when you request help from the voice assistant, it is possible that this one does not react if you do not receive. The only thing you can do offline is to use voice input to write a message by voice. But for this you will first have to download the dictionary for your language.

Try somewhere that picks up better, or try Wi-Fi. If your problems are still present, so maybe this is linked to your internet connection. In this case, we will let's direct to this article:


Ok Google doesn't recognize my voice: Microphone problem?

When you speak aloud to use a voice assistant command, your voice is picked up by the microphone of your smartphone. If it is dirty, damaged, or for some other reason, it is possible that your voice is thus altered, and so not recognized by Ok Google.

What you can try to do: Call a friend, to test the audio quality. if you hear perfectly, then your microphone works perfectlyt. Make sure it makes sense to do the test in a location that captures the network so as not to have interference at this level.

If, however, you find that your microphone is malfunctioning, then head to this troubleshooting article:


Speech recognition problem on Voice Match: Update Google

It is possible that your tool Google is not up to date, and thus have malfunctions.

To remedy this, go to the Play-store, my applications tabs, and update google if possible.

Si Google is already at the latest version available, therefore the problem does not come from there.

Voice Match does not detect my voice: cannot use Ok Google

You should know that it is possible that the problem is not with you, but with the application in question.

While searching on international forums, we noticed the complaints of many users of Redmi and Xiaomi brand smartphones: An unstable update caused the inability to use the google services.

In this context you can do nothing except wait for a corrective update developers.

If so, try to provide information on forums such as Reddit, or social networks such as Twitter, to get information about your make / model.

If there is nothing to report on the update / manufacturer side, let's see if the Voice Match problem may be coming from your phone.

Voice Match detection problem: Wrong language set

This is part of small mistakes harmless which we do not think so seems obvious. If by any chance your voice assistant is configured for another language, it will not be able to detect your voice, and the commands resulting from it.

This can be due to wrong handling, or the use of your phone by a third person for example.

For configure the language of the voice assistant, do like this:

  • In your phone's settings, just type " language« 
  • You will see the option " Languages ​​compatible with the assistant", Open the
  • Check here that your language is active. If this is not the case, click on " add language", And choose yours
voice match voice recognition problem: add language

Cannot use Ok Google, unrecognized voice: Reconfigure your voice in the assistant

If despite everything nothing works so far, it is quite possible to reconfigure your voice. For some unknown reason the previous recording did not work properly, you can start all over.

For that, it's very simple :

  • Go to Parameters from your phone
  • In the search bar, type Voice Match
  • Scroll down to the tab Voice Match, and voice print
  • Click on voice print, and let yourself be guided in the recording of your voice

Take the test again to see if the voice assistant detects your voice from now on.

Here is a set of solutions that we offer in order to solve your voice problems on the Google Assistant.

To go a little further in the configuring your android phone, here are some articles on the fingerprint, and data protection: