For many years now, Waze has become a key player in GPS tracking applications. This tool not only allows you to configure a route, but also to know in real time the disturbances of the different routes in order to optimize yours and thus save time.

In addition to this very practical tool, Android Auto appeared a few years ago, allowing you to project the screen of your smartphone on your dashboard. This makes it easier for you to follow a trip since it appears on your vehicle's screen and not your phone.

Despite this, it sometimes happens that Waze or Android auto, no longer work normally. It is possible that there are connection problems between the two tools, or that your GPS is inaccurate.

The objective of this article is therefore to help you troubleshoot Android Auto and Waze operation issues. We will try to cover as many problems as possible to provide you with as many answers as possible.

What to do when Waze isn't running on Android Auto

Before you begin, it is important to categorize potential problems. To simplify, is this:

  1. An application failure or bug related to unstable updates
  2. A GPS problem, independent of Android Auto
  3. A malfunction on the Android Auto application which consequently hinders the use of Waze
  4. Un problem connecting and projecting your screen on your dashboard

Here are 4 main categories of problems. We will provide you with detailed answers according to these specific categories.

Identify the origin of the problem

1: Originally problem on the Waze or Android Auto applications

Monitor the status of Waze servers

It is possible that operating problems just come from Waze servers. There is a website that lists live the state of these servers, to know if it is running normally or if there is a problem. Check this site before checking whether the problem is with your smartphone or not:

problem solving on Waze and android auto

Unfortunately, there is no site listing the server issues for the Android Auto app.

Android Auto update issue

Le patch for the latest version of Android Auto (around February 2020) causes malfunctions on the direction indication window. This is found offset from the center of the screen. As a result, you can no longer follow the directions, which become partially readable. 

On the Reddit forum, users speak of an offset of the window supposed to indicate directions. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that app updates do not bring more problems than they solve.

When this happens to you, here's what you can do:

  1. You wait for the developers to fix this with a corrective patch of the update
  2. You use a GPS tool while waiting different, like google maps
  3. You can revert to an older version of your applications, a more stable version.

Install an old version of your applications, more stable

As explained above, it is possible that the versions of your applications do not perform well. If you want, you can go back.

To do this, all you have to do is download the previous version of Waze that worked. Here is a link to a site listing all previous versions of Waze, choose the one that worked best for you:

old waze version to fix display problems

You will simply have to download the correct version of the application, under the APK format. You will have to do it from your computer, then transfer this installation file from your PC to your Android smartphone.

For the Android Auto app, it happens here:

prolbème android application auto

If you have any doubts about the APK file download and installation procedure, feel free to read our article specially written on this subject:


If, on the contrary, you have not recently updated your applications, perhaps on the contrary, you need to update them.

Your apps need to be updated

It is indeed possible that the Waze app that you are using does not perform well because it has been too long since last update.

For updates, simply go to your Play store, then the tab installed applications, in order to install the latest updates for your Waze GPS and Android Auto applications.

2: Waze GPS issue

Here we will mainly focus on the Waze app. If the problem is clearly GPS related, here's what you can do

Clear the cache of the Waze app

If you are using the Waze app and Android Auto in your car, and it doesn't work properly, you have a chance to fix this by clearing the cache.

In a few words, the cache of an application materializes the temporary data necessary to start and operate these data.

Your smartphone stores this information in order to speed up the application launch and loading processes. However, this data may be corrupted or of poor quality, thus creating Waze launch issues.

Must therefore reset, clear and clean the application cache, so that new, more stable data is created by your smartphone, to be able to launch the application without incident.

For that, it's very simple :

  • Go to settings of your Android smartphone
  • Open the tab Applications
  • Search the Waze app and Android car, then click on it
  • Press erase data et empty the cache, like the example below
clear waze cache to fix problems

Follow our guide to troubleshooting GPS problems on Waze

If clearing the app cache doesn't change anything, but the problem is still with Waze, then you need to take a deeper look at the app. To do this, have a look at our detailed articles on this subject:

If after all your research you realize that the problem is more with Android Auto, let's see what you can do to resolve your operational issues.

3: Android Auto issue

Here are the various problems encountered on Android Auto, hindering your use of Waze GPS.

Battery optimization creates conflict between Android Auto and Waze

Comme explained here by a user of the famous Reddit community forum, when you use Android Auto by automatically connecting to your vehicle, your phone automatically launch Android Auto. And unfortunately, your smartphone does not consider this action to be an "application opening", because it is not manual.

As a result, your smartphone cuts off connection with Android Auto because it considers it has not been opened and is an unused background application.

This action is only performed when you have enabled battery optimization for Android Auto. If you disable this option, you will solve the problem:

  • Open them settings from your smartphone
  • Go to the tab Battery
  • On this page, press the 3 little dots at the top right of your screen and bat optimizationrie
  • From there, search in all applications, the Android Auto app
  • Click on it, then disable battery optimization

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To go further in the search for problems related only to Android Auto, we invite you to read all these guides in detail:

If the problem is more with the display of the screen on your vehicle, let's see our last paragraph on troubleshooting.

4: Android Auto display problem in my car

You notice that Waze is not working on your dashboard due to Android Auto display issues. In this case, we advise you to start again from zero the configuration of Android Auto, and connection to your vehicle. See this article in detail to reconfigure both applications correctly.