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 With the Android smartphones we have dozens and dozens of different apps installed. And there is an incredible amount available for download from the Play store. For the small statistic, in March 2019, 2,6 million applications were available on the Google Play Store. Just about all daily needs are covered by these great tools.

And with these apps, there are also lots of updates. Developers are always trying to improve their product, and fix bugs on their products as much as possible.

And with these updates it may happen that you have some problems. An application that no longer works as before, or the inability to update an application.

The objective of this article is to help you solve the inability to update your favorite apps.

Unable to update my applications on Android: The origins of the problems

Unable to update my applications on Android: The origins of the problems

First of all, if you need to update on an application, we invite you to consult our article explaining everything on this subject:

How to update an application on Android

Now let's see the different problems that you may encounter on your phone.


You want to update one of your applications because you know that a new update is available, but it is up to you impossible to do.

Several possible reasons :

  • You don't have enough storage space on your Android smartphone

Indeed, during an update, you usually add data to your phone. If you are limited in capacity, then that can block. Make sure you have a minimum storage space in order to install your applications no problem. Try for example install your applications on your memory card rather than on the phone memory.

  • Your Android system is incompatible with the new version you want to install

If you have a phone that is not very new, there comes a point where it is not no longer possible to update your operating system. For the sake of fluidity, manufacturers block updates at some point because they consider that your phone will not be not powerful enough to run the latest version of Android.

And so if your phone no longer updates Android, there will come a time when apps are no longer compatible with this older version of Android. Your phone will therefore force the conservation of an old version of a certain application, because the update of this one would not be not compatible with your version of Android.

To sum up, you keep an old version of Android, and keep old updates of your applications compatible with your Android. This is why sometimes it is not possible to update your application on your smartphone.

  • Your Google Play store has issues

Sometimes this is the origin of updates, the Play-store, which does not work well. This is where you go when you have an application to update on your Android phone.

Now let's see what you can do to solve the inability to update apps on your Android smartphone.


solutions to fix updates impossible android app

Here are the different solutions to solve the inability to update apps on your Android smartphone, sorted from simpler solutions to more complex solutions.


It may sound trivial, but let's start with the simple things. Who has never heard that most problems are solved by a simple device restart ? This is partly true. try relaunch your Android smartphone, and relaunch the Play-store. Chances are you've already done this. If so, let's move on.


First of all, what is the cache of an application? The application cache is the memory of a procedure that has been stored and therefore already performed, in order to facilitate the next time that it is performed.

For example, when you update an application, your smartphone will consult the cache of the Play-store in order to access information already recorded from previous connections, in order to speed up the process on this update. In a way, your device records an operation that it has already performed, in order to perform it again, but faster. It is a memory of the procedure.

But it is possible that the recorded information is distorted for one reason or another, and that your smartphone tries to repeat a distorted procedure. This can result in improper updates.

Clear this cache forces your Android smartphone to start the operation again for the first time, and therefore to look for the best way to get there. Sometimes this little manipulation fixes your application update issues.

To achieve this, we performed the procedure on a similar system application, bluetooth, so the procedure is identical. You can refer to this article to clear the cache of the Play-store application.

How to Clear the Bluetooth Application Cache


The update problem you are having may come from the Play-store application. Try resetting it to see if it solves your problems.

  • To do this, simply press and hold the Play-store logo for a few seconds, then drag the logo onto the top of your screen, on the " info apps Which has just appeared.
  • Then just press off.
Deactivate then reinstall the Google Play-store
deactivate the play-store


If for example updating an application causes malfunctions, it is possible to revert to an old update and even choose which version you want to install.

First uninstall the application which is not working well. To do this, just press and hold the logo for a few seconds as you did above, but this time drag it to the top of your screen on the option désinstaller that will appear, like the example below.

Solutions to fix update issues on your Android smartphone
uninstall application

Once done, you will have to install the version that will be compatible with your Android system. It is necessary that download the application to your computer, in APK format.

To download version that you wish install, see you on this website:

Install old version of an Android application

You just have to type your application in your search bar, then click on the " Older Versions " on the right. Here we take the example of the Snapchat app.

Solutions to fix update issues on your Android smartphone

Once the file has been downloaded, you will need to transfer it to your Android smartphone to install it. We invite you to read our article on this subject which will help you in the process:

How to install an application in APK format on my Android smartphone


It is also possible that the updates of your applications have problems because of the version of your Android system. It is possible to update it, or to " downgrade ", that is to say revert to an old version.

If you want to try, then read our article on this subject which will help you a lot:

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