logo block automatic rotation on android smartphone

La automatic rotation on your Android smartphone, it's very useful. Without touching anything, you can switch to landscape format, much more adapted to certain cases, in particular the viewing of films or videos.

However, this technological tool can sometimes malfunction, or simply not serving you.

When it no longer works very well, it becomes very restrictive. Your screen that switches without you rotating the screen, impossible to have the right format, your phone does not react correctly to your direction of rotation.

Lots of reasons for wanting disable automatic screen rotation. Especially since for many videos, especially on YouTube, it is proposed to manually switch the video to landscape mode, which allows you to do without this tool.

So let's see how to make life easier and disable automatic screen rotation on Android smartphone.

Different techniques to turn off the automatic rotation of your phone screen

In order to block auto rotation of your smartphone screen, you have several options.

Block automatic screen rotation from the settings shortcut screen

This method, the easiest and fastest, is accessible for the vast majority of Android phones. Of course, the handling may vary a little bit depending on the brand and version of Android you own, but it should stay very close.

To stop the automatic screen rotation, just bring up the quick settings of your phone, by performing a " swipe (Movement) up and down your touchscreen.

"swipe down" movement to display quick settings on android, and block automatic screen rotation

Once you've done that, you'll see appear your settings shortcuts. Just make sure that the option " automatic rotation " is unchecked, as in the example below.

shortcut to cut auto rotate android screen

Here is the most standard method in order to mute auto rotate your phone screen. To go further, or if you simply have problems with this parameter, there is a free application that allows you to better control this rotation.

We tell you about this application in a second paragraph.

Control automatic screen rotation with an app on Android

As explained above, there is a Play-store application which allows you to more easily control this rotation.

To download it, simply click on this image, which will bring you directly on the Play-store:

link to download automatic rotation control application android smartphone

Here are the main benefits of this free application:

  • This app allows you to block screen rotation by an application
  • Automatic rotation : the orientation of the screen is determined by a physical orientation sensor, useful if your smartphone has concerns at this level
  • Orientation choice: no matter which way you hold your phone, you can use any orientation, and potentially lock it if needed

In a few words, this application will suit you if you want better control of apps and automatic rotation at launch, and also correct some bugs when your sensors have trouble picking up the direction of rotation.

Free and ad-free, it's worth a try.

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