android auto problems on smartphone

You use Android Auto for some time and you find that the application has many problems. Or you just recently updated it, and it hasn't worked properly since.

There are many reasons that could justify a unreliability of your application. Whether on the development side, with an unreliable update, or a compatibility problem, problem with your smartphone…etc.

In this article we help you troubleshoot your Android Auto app issues. We will try to go through all dysfunctions that can be encountered, and you propose a solution to correct this.

Different problems on the Android Auto application and the proposed solutions

Here are the various problems that we were able to list on the application, and the proposed solution to correct it.

Internet problem / GPS location / music that cuts out

Sometimes it happens that you are having trouble accessing the various features of your application. Make sure the internet connection is working properly. To do this, try performing a internet test, to see if it comes from your connection.

Internet connection test

If you result of test is bad, here is what you can try:

  • Make sure you are in a place that captures a minimum
  • Place your phone in airplane mode, then restart internet
  • Restart your phone

Problem launching the Android Auto application

You have problems when launching the application, without really knowing why Android Auto does not launch well. The startup is slow, and you have trouble starting it, or it won't start at all.

In this case, here is what we recommend as a solution :

  • Turn off and restart your phone
  • Clear the app cache: If you don't know how, follow these tips to help you
    • Go to Parameters from your phone
    • Look for the tab Applications
    • Open the application Android Auto
    • Click on the tab Warehousing
    • From there you can clear the application cache
  • If that doesn't work, try update your Android Auto app. To do this, go to the Play store.
  • If you have just updated your application, maybe the new version is unstable. Find out on the internet what is being said about the new version. As solution, know that you can revert to an old version of an application, here is a link to all old version of Android Auto in APK format, which you can download:

Install an older version of Android Auto

Google Assistant voice command does not respond

You are used to control Android Auto by voice, but today he does not react. Here's what you can try to do:

  • Be sure that the Google Assistant is activated:

How to activate Google Assistant on Android

  • If enabled, you can also launch manually, by pressing and holding the central tactile button of your smartphone for a few seconds. be careful, this procedure is not recommended while driving. Try this solution this when your vehicle is stopped.

The GPS Maps or Waze works poorly, the location is imprecise

Sometimes it is the GPS that work poorly on Android Auto. Generally, the problem in this case does not come from Android Auto, which is only an intermediary. Instead, focus on GPsS themselves.

For solve your GPS problems, here are two articles that will help you:

Connection with Android Auto via Bluetooth does not work properly

You have trouble connect your phone to your dashboard using Bluetooth, it's very slow to connect, and sometimes you lose signal.

Here are all bluetooth issues detailed in this article which may bring you a solution :

Bluetooth connection issues on Android

Application specific problem

If you have a application specific problem, and the whole Android Auto service is working, try to focus on this application.

  • You can try the restart, update, clean cache, as explained above.
  • You can also make sure that the problem is not with the application itself. There is a site, Down Detector, which groups together and mentions issues related to a service or application. This way you will know whether the problem is yours or not:

Real-time application issues