synchronization problem on Polar watch

You'd like connect your Polar watch to your PC or smartphone, in order to save all your personal activity data. Unfortunately there is a timing problem that prevents you from doing it.

The source of this problem can be multiple. In this article, we will provide you with different answers for you help to fix this sync problem of your Polar watch.

First, if you think the problem is bluetooth connection, then head to this article:


If you problem is really related to synchronization, here is what you can do.

Solutions to fix the sync issue on your Polar Watch

Before looking for the error that causes the malfunctions, it is important to try to proceed by elimination. If you are unable to synchronize your data, it could be for 3 things:

  • Your polar watch has a problem, is not working well, or is off
  • Le device used (PC or smartphone) does not work well, or the software on it
  • It is rather the connection between the two that does not work

After having mentioned these 3 lines of research, let's proceed by step.

Your Polar watch has a sync problem

Make sure the watch is on, and also with sufficient battery charge. A low battery can potentially disrupt synchronization.

Also make sure that this one is not connected by cable, if you try to make a wireless synchronization.

You can perform the sync in Bluetooth, or in Wifi. It is also possible to carry out a sync by USB cable.

You can try turning airplane mode on and off on your Polar watch to reset the connection.

To turn on airplane mode on your Polar, follow this manipulation :

  • On the screen, bring up the settings of your watch
  • When you see the airplane logo, tap it
  • Keep it pressed, longer or shorter depending on the Polar model that you own

This will activate airplane mode, and cut off all communication. then turn off airplane mode and try to sync your data again.

Reset your Polar watch

This manipulation could, like the activation of airplane mode, reset connections and so facilitate synchronization. There are two types of resets:

  • Software
  • To factory settings

The procedure is a bit different, and so are the consequences. Click on this link to try this solution. This could solve your sync issue.


Your smartphone or PC has a software problem, disrupting synchronization

If the problem is not with your Polar watch, then it potentially comes from the software used. Make sure it is up to date, in order to have the latest features.

To update it on a smartphone, it's very simple:

  • on Android, go to the Play-store, then tab " my apps". Look for the application " polar flow". If your smartphone does not offer to update it, it is because it already is.
  • Public chat iphone, it's the same procedure with the App Store.

If you are using an older phone, the phone may be too old to support newer versions of the app, causing a synchronization malfunction. To learn more about this, here is a dedicated article :


If you are using the computer, the Polar FlowSync software will provide you with an update at launch when it becomes available. Try to relaunch the software to see if an update is available.

You have a connection problem interfering with the synchronization of your Polar watch

If the two paragraphs above do not relate to your problem, then it means that the problem is in the connection between your devices.

You have several options here. As explained above, it is possible to choose the connection mode for the sync:

  • Bluetooth
  • In Wifi
  • By USB cable

Try to alternate the connections to see if any of them work. For the bluetooth issues, you have a link in the introduction of this article.

Wifi synchronization problem

For WiFi problems, try to forget the network, then try pairing again. You will have to enter the code again.

USB cable sync problem

If you're using a USB cable, just try a different one, or try changing the USB port on your computer. This way, you can proceed by elimination and eventually find out where the problem is coming from.

If the problem persists despite all your attempts, there is always the solution to call customer service. For that, here is the link:

Polar Customer Service