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You love to listen to music in your car and you mainly use Spotify. To make driving easier, and above all to drive more safely, you also use Android Auto.

This famous application allows you to broadcast your smartphone screen to your dashboard. very practical to avoid looking at your phone while driving, but still be able to use some applications.

However, for some time Spotify no longer works on Android Auto. You don't know how to fix it. In this article we will analyze all the recurring problems on Spotify and Android Auto, and provide you with as many answers as possible to help you.

Here is what to do when Spotify is not working on Android Auto.

Is the problem common to all users

It is quite possible that the problem is not with you. Indeed, sometimes application servers crash completely, rendering the application completely unusable. To make sure this is not the case first, go to this link :

link to monitor spotify issues

Down Service is a website allowing real-time reporting of user issues with the app. If a common problem is reported at precisely a specific time, that means the concern is not yours.

If nothing specific is not reported, then the concern may be with your phone. Let's look at this in more detail.

Problems with Spotify on Android Smartphone

Here are the different solutions to offer you when Spotify not working on Android Auto.

Repeat the installation and configuration of Spotify for Android Auto

Maybe you missed a little manipulation while setting up music with Spotify. Here is a detailed article on how to set up Spotify on your Android Auto.


Make sure you have Spotify up to date

Logically, you increase your chances of running the Spotify app if it is up to date. To do this, go check the Play-store, “My Apps” tab to see if it is up to date.

If after carefully following this guide that still doesn't work, let's see what else we can offer you.

Turn off battery optimization for Android Auto and Spotify

We found in the famous Reddit community forum an explanation to many bugs between Android Auto and its applications. Indeed, sometimes the battery saver conflicts with some applications that work together and are launched at the same time.

This operation is energy intensive, your smartphone tries by a backup mechanism optimize battery usage on these actions. Except that this causes malfunctions on the applications in question.

As a result, Spotify may bug Android Auto because essential connections have been deleted by mistake.

This action is only performed when you have enabled battery optimization for Android Auto and Spotify. If you disable this option on both applications, you will solve the problem:

  • Open them settings from your smartphone
  • Go to the tab Battery
  • On this page, press the 3 little dots at the top right of your screenthen bat optimizationrie
  • From there, search in all applications, the Spotify application then Android Auto
  • Click on it, then disable battery optimization
block spotify optimization to fix application issues

The procedure is the same for both apps, you just need to find it in the list. If you have Android version 10, Android Auto will not be in the list, because it is a system application. So only perform the procedure for Spotify, this may solve your problems.

Make sure you've configured Spotify as your default active music service

Since your smartphone has many different music services, it is necessary to manually configure the ones that you will use as a priority on your phone.

For that, it's very simple :

  • Go to Parameters from your smartphone
  • In the search bar at the top, type " Music« 
  • Open the proposed musical tab
  • You will end up on the menu shown below in the image
  • Make sure you check Spotify as the default music service so that it can be accessed later on Android Auto
spotify default music player for android auto

Clear Spotify app cache

This should be done when an application is not working or is not working properly. This resets the application launch procedures, resetting the connections and potential bugs that were installed there.

To do this, it's very simple:

  • Go to settings of your Android smartphone
  • Open the tab Applications
  • Search the Spotify app, then click on it
  • Press erase data et empty the cache, like the example below
clear spotify cache

Download and install an older version of Spotify

Very often it is the race to update for Android and various apps, but sometimes these do more harm than good. You can absolutely have a fully functional application, update it, and nothing works.

Whether a accounting problem with Android, or a buggy developer update, this is very restrictive. Solution before the developers fix the problem? Reinstall an older version of Spotify.

Here is a link to a site, Uptodown, allowing freely access any old version of Spotify. Simply click on the link on the image to access it:

If the problems persist, then maybe it is with your Android Auto app.

Problems on Android Auto

In order to resolve the Android Auto app side issues, we have already written many guides to help you. Check them out in detail to solve your Android Auto and Spotify not working issues.

These comprehensive articles will give you detailed answers to your problems.