sound problem samsung galaxy watch

You have been using your Samsung Galaxy Watch for a long time, and it works perfectly. As a daily activity partner, it allows you to record important information related to your physical activity.

But unfortunately, recently the sound has stopped working on your Samsung watch. Despite all your attempts, a sound problem is preventing you from taking advantage of the various features.

What to do when you have a sound problem on your Samsung Galaxy Watch? Here is the answer in this article.

We will try to offer you a maximum of solutions and manipulations in order to allow you to correct this, and thus take advantage of all the functionalities of this one.

Important : If your watch is new, and the problem is more like the sound quality, it may be related to a manufacturing defect. Consider using your withdrawal capacity within 14 days. You can have it replaced or you can get a refund from the seller.

Solutions for muted sounds on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

it has been reported by users of many different sound issues.

  • Suddenly, all the sounds normally emitted are converted into vibrations
  • It is impossible to take a call, you cannot hear the caller
  • The music doesn't work anymore, it stays silent
  • The sound works, especially during calls, but it is of very poor quality. It sizzles, making communication difficult

Faced with all these problems, there are sometimes simple solutions to set up, in order to avoid sending your samsung watch in warranty, or repair.

Its too low on my Samsung Galaxy Watch

First of all, (it may be already done for you) make sure that the sound is set correctly. There is an option on your watch to adjust the volume.

To do this, follow this manipulation:

  • Open your watch settings
  • Look for the tab " sounds and vibrations«, And open the
  • Open the menu " volume« 
  • Make sure this is strong enough for you

Sound issue: Disable sounds activated by mistake

On some watches, it is possible that bug or bad handling activates this option by mistake. It disable so all Samsung Galaxy Watch sounds to make it mute.

First of all, make sure that this is not the case with you. For reactivate the sound via this option, follow this manipulation:

  • Open your watch settings
  • Scroll down to " accessibility« 
  • In this tab you will see the option " Hearing improvement« 
  • Uncheck the box " deactivation of all sounds« 

Do the test again with sound to see if it came back. If not, let's keep looking for a solution.

Poor sound quality: your watch microphone is obstructed

If it was through the calls that you realized that the sound was of poor quality, to the other party, then the problem may be with your microphone.

When you take a call with your watch, your watch's microphone records your voice. If it is bothered by dust or dirt, it may malfunction.

Try to clean it so that it can pick up sounds more easily. It is located on the right side of your Samsung watch face, between the two physical buttons. You can gently try with a cotton swab, to release dust or other body that could interfere.

Over time, small deposits of dirt can clog and cause sound problems. If the problem is with the sound you hear, then the concern is elsewhere.

Headphone problem: Poor sound quality on my Samsung Galaxy Watch

When the sound is poor or doesn't work at all on your watch, make sure the audio device (headphones or earphones) is not the cause. Try to connect them to another device to test.

Also, if possible, try pairing a different pair of headphones to your watch for testing.

If the problem really comes from your watch, here are two more solutions for you to try:

Restart your Samsung watch to correct sound problems

If the above recommendations have had no effect on your watch, restarting it may have a positive effect.
To do this, follow this manipulation:

  • Press about 7 seconds on the lower right button

Sound problem: Reset your watch

Last attempt to repair your watch before sending it for warranty or repair, reset it.

To do this, follow this simple guide dedicated to the subject:

How do I reset my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

If, despite our advice, nothing helps, the sound problem is still present, here is the Samsung support link, in order to help you take care of the repairs or the change of product:

Samsung Customer Service