With advances in storage, we are now able to store much more data on these memory cards. This allows us to have more photos, videos, applications, etc. And it's very practical because the files are also getting larger.

However, sometimes your SD memory card does not work correctly.
The purpose of this article is analyze any potential SD card issues you may encounter on your Android smartphone, and then every solutions that we found for solve these SD memory card issues.


Different SD memory card problems on Android smartphone

Here is the list of main issues that you can meet with your SD memory card and your Android smartphone.

  • SD memory card is not detected by your smartphone
  • Memory card is damaged / corrupt
  • The memory card does not display the data present on it
  • Unable to copy / paste data on it

Solutions for SD memory card problems on Android smartphone

Solutions for SD memory card problems on Android smartphone

Here are the different solutions that you can try to solve your SD card issues on your phone.

Restart your phone

Let's start with the most harmless, yet very effective solutions. Restart your phone and try again to see if the problem has improved.

Insert your SD card into another Android phone

Before any manipulation, it is important to try to target the problems precisely. If you insert your SD card into another phone, you can find out where the problem is coming from.

Be careful, do not do this if you suspect the memory card of having a virus. No need to contaminate another phone if it did.

When you insert the SD card in another phone, and everything works, then it logically means that the card works, but not your phone.

Update the memory card drivers on your PC

When you insert your memory card in your PC, you will have the possibility to update the drivers which allow you to read the content of this one.
This can solve your problem and will only take a few seconds.

To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Insert your SD card in your computer
  • Right click on " This PC »And click on« Manage« 
  • In the task bar, click on " gestionnaire de périphériques »
  • Then click on " USB bus controllers« 
  • Find it ring road that matches your SD card, here for us " Alcor Micro USB 2.0 Card Reader« 
  • Right click and click on " Update driver software", Then press" Automatically check for updated driver software« 
  • Let the update take place and try to open your SD card again
Update the memory card drivers on your PC

Use the CHKDSK command to check the SD card

La CHKDSK command, or Check DIskIs a Windows command allowing you to check and potentially repair storage drives or storage devices connected to your computer.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the command prompt in your PC navigation: type CMD in your search bar, and open the command prompt as administrator (right click then run as administrator)
  • In this command menu, simply type the following line: chkdsk then the reader which corresponds to your SD card followed by a colon : . For example, in our case we have our SD card in device F, so the command will be chkdskF: . (Logically it will be D: or F: if you have two hard drives).
  • Le check will run automatically and repair potential errors from your SD card.
Use the CHKDSK command to check the SD card
SD card check by the command prompt on your PC

Scan the SD card from your computer

From your computer, you will be able to perform a scan to detect and repair certain errors. For this, your PC must detect the SD card. if your SD memory card is in your PC, follow this procedure:

  • Open the menu " This PC:« 
  • On your SD memory card device, do right clickthen properties
  • In the properties, open the tab Tools
  • Here you will have the possibility to click on the button check to launch a SD card scan
Scan the SD card from your computer

Show hidden files if SD card looks empty

Sometimes it may happen that your SD card displays the message " no file" , or " empty memory card". It is possible that in reality, the files on it are hidden, for some unknown reason. So the files you are looking for are present, but hidden. To make them appear again, follow this procedure:

  • type control panel in your Windows search bar at the bottom left of your PC screen
  • In the control panel, open the tab appearance and customization
  • Then open the tab File Explorer options
  • From there, at the top open the tab Displays and Signage
  • Look for the line " hidden files and folders", And check the line" show hidden files and folders« 
  • OK, then return to see if the files appear on your SD memory card

Format the SD card for reuse

Recover data before formatting

You will be able to recover your data if you cannot access it normally. To do this, simply download this free software to your PC and follow the data recovery procedure:

Recover data from SD memory card

If nothing has worked so far, you have the option of formatting SD card. This will reset your card and delete everything on it. You will lose the data but can reuse the SD card normally after that.