logo problem setting date and time on android smartphone

Recently you realize that the time set automatically on your Android smartphone is not necessarily correctly set. This is problematic because, being configured autonomously, you can't change it.

This therefore implies having a phone displaying the wrong time.

So here is an article relating to the resolution of problems related to the automatic time on Android smartphone. We will try to understand where this problem can come from, and how to solve it.

Here is how to fix auto time problem on android.

Automatic time, how does it work on Android?

Before trying to solve the problems, let's try to understand How does it work. This will allow us to have a better understanding of the mechanism, and thus better target the dysfunction.

When you are connected to the internet, whether by Wifi or by mobile data, your phone has access to a "world clock", which determines time according to time zone you are in.

However, it may happen that your phone, for some unknown reason, detects you in a other time zone, and so sends you a wrong time.

How to fix auto time setting issues on your phone

So here is a set of solutions to help you fix this little problem.

Restart your phone and internet, and switch off the Wifi to restart the time search

Solution as old as the world, restart your phone may, in some cases, force your phone to reset the time automatic. The same is true for the internet, and particularly WiFi. For unknown reasons, some users have found that the time is suddenly wrong after connecting their smartphone to a WiFi network.

So try to disconnect Wifi, so that your phone can access the time by mobile data.

Relaunch the automatic detection of the date / time and time zone

If you deactivate and reactivate this option, maybe the time will reset to the correct time zone.

To access this option, simply type " time »In the search bar of your settings. You will access a page like below.

manually set time zone android smartphone

Manually choose the time zone to configure the time

If, however, you do not see a difference, try to uncheck the automatic definition and manually choose the time zone. It might fix your phone's location problem.

This sometimes happens when you are traveling, and your phone has suddenly lost track of the corresponding time zone.

Configure a Widget to display the correct time

If you are using a widget to show you the date and time, there may be a communication problem between your phone and this little tool. Just try to remove it and reconfigure it after restarting your phone.

Update your phone's Android version to reconfigure the automatic time

Sometimes the version of Android you own is a bit outdated. Updating it will probably correct these date and time issues.

For it, just follow this guide if you have any doubts about handling:


Use a Play Store app to display the correct time and date

You also have the possibility use a Play-store application to display the correct time and date. This option will not correct your automatic time problems, but your phone will be on time.

Here is one of the best and simplest application on the market :

download link app setting time and date android

Simply click on the image to download it. Very simple in functionality, this application will allow you display the time as you see fit, and can solve your auto time problems.

Set the time and date manually

If nothing helps, and the automatic time does not want to adjust properly, then you still have the option to set the time manually. Make sure you have the exact time with you, uncheck the automatic time, and precisely configure the time.

This solution will not solve your automatic time problems, but will be a credible alternative to your problems in order to have a smartphone on time.

Here is a set of solutions to this time problem on your Android smartphone. If you meet other types of problems, here are some links for you help :