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You have been using for a long time voice recognition Ok Google to guide your smartphone by voice, but suddenly, this one does not work anymore.

What could be more boring than repeating tirelessly Ok Google or Hey Google out loud without anything happening.

We will see together in this article all the reasons that could cause your phone to no longer function in voice control.

A brief overview of the reasons why Ok Google is not working, and what you can do to fix it.

Ok Google voice recognition no longer works, what to do

Here is a summary of the potential reasons that explain the malfunction of your voice assistant tool.

The voice recognition problem is it your or Google

When you have a problem with your phone, the first thing to do is to always ask yourself the question of the source of the problem. More precisely, does the problem come from your smartphone, or from Google?

This is to avoid racking your brains over something you weren't responsible for. For it, consult the Google forums, social networks, the famous Reddit forum where many problems are listed, or the famous site down detector, which gathers in real time the pings of users who have noticed a bug:

Google down detector link

If nothing abnormal is mentioned on all forums and official sites, let's take a closer look at your smartphone.

Ok Google doesn't work: Microphone problem?

You probably know this, but when you enlist the help of the Google Assistant, it is done through your phone's microphone. Autremeent said, if that doesn't perform well, Ok Google will have a hard time figuring out what you are trying to ask it.

To check, try to call someone you know when you get it (to make sure that no network interference could occur) and ask them if they can hear you. If the conversation is normal, then your microphone is working fine, this is not the problem.

If you have difficulty making yourself understood during the call as well, then try to clean your microphone with a clean cotton swab.

No reaction from the voice assistant: Language problem?

Have you got configured the correct language in your settings ? Without paying attention it is possible another language has been programmed, which makes your voice assistant unusable, since it only understands the selected language.

To check if your spoken language corresponds to the one defined by default, follow this little manipulation:

  • Open your Android smartphone settings
  • In the search bar at the top, just type " language« 
  • You will be offered a tab, " Languages ​​compatible with the assistant", Open the
  • Be sure that the language you speak is correctly configured by default, as shown in the example below. For us French was chosen
language configuration ok google

If everything is in order on this side, let's see further.

Is your Android operating system up to date?

The version of Android you have may be getting out of date. Thus, it no longer works correctly, due to lack of update. And that impacts Ok Google voice recognition.

For know your version of Android :

  • Go to phone settings
  • At the bottom of the drop-down menu, open the " About the phone« 

We are currently in Android version 10, with version 11 soon on the market. If you are in below version 6, this means that for many years updates are no longer supported by your version, because too old.

To see more clearly in there, csee our article on this subject:


Basic problem resolution for Ok Google that no longer works

Let's go see the little ones more general tips that might help you. Sometimes the problems come from a tiny little detail that we left out.

Internet connection: is it sufficient?

When you use your voice assistant Ok Google, you request an online service. In other words, if the mobile or wifi network does not allow it, you will not be able to access it.

So watch your internet connection. If you are picking up badly when everything should work, try the classic tips:

  • Restart your phone
  • Put it in airplane mode, then restart the network

If you think the problem is with the internet, but you can't figure it out, check out this specific article to help you:


Voice assistant: Was it disabled by mistake?

In the series of simple tips, have you activated your voice assistant? For some reason, it has been disabled without you realizing it.

For activate or reactivate Ok Google, follow this guide which will explain everything in detail:


Here is a set of tips to remedy this problem of voice assistant. If nothing works and you gave up, here's an article to help you deactivate Ok Google so that you don't use it anymore and have to deal with it!