xiaomi mi smart band bracelet blocked

You have been using a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band bracelet, and you are very satisfied with it, but for no reason it has blocked today, and since, nothing to do.

Your bracelet is blocked, and it is not possible to use it normally.

In this article, we will provide you with as many answers as possible to help you solve the problem, and unblock your bracelet so that you can use it again, as quickly as possible.

Here are some advice to put in place when your Xiaomi Mi Smart band is blocked.

This can happen in particular when you try to update your bracelet from an application other than the official Mi Fit app.

This can also happen when during the update with a phone and its application, the connection is cut. This causes malfunctions, thus blocking your bracelet.

What to do when the screen of my Xiaomi Mi Smart Band is frozen

First of all, if you still have access to the parameters of your bracelet, it is therefore recommended to restart it, or perform a reset, in order to start pairing with a phone again.

If you have access to the options, then follow this article:


This procedure will allow you to restart your watch, or dissociate the device from your telephone, in order to restart a connexion.

If that doesn't not solve your problem, or is not accessible, here are your other options.

The screen of my Xiaomi bracelet remains black

If your screen stays off, but you hear it beeping, it's probably still on, but the screen stays frozen. If this is your case, here is an article that can help you see more clearly.


This article will help you fix this problem in most cases.

Try to reconnect your bracelet to your phone using Bluetooth

It sometimes happens that the bracelet hangs during a attempting to connect to a phone. You see a message such as " Connexion error " Or other.

Try to restart a pairing from Mi Fit app. This may allow the bracelet to connect to it, and exit the error message.

If you have the opportunity, delete the existing connections between your smartphone and the bracelet. Then thereafter, repeat the procedure. Here is an article that will help you here:


Restart your bracelet and your smartphone

When your bracelet has problems, it often results in a frozen screen, impossible to do anything. But the origin of the problem is often related to the connection between your phone and this bracelet.

So, if you restart both devices, it would reset the connection, and thus potentially resolve black screen blocked issues.

Wait for your Xiaomi to discharge and place it on extended charge

This method is not very convenient because it takes time, but you don't have much to do. When the screen is frozen, and nothing mentioned above has worked, try to put it aside, and wait for it to discharge.

If it is inactive and the screen is already black and does not respond, then place it in prolonged charge. Wait at less than 1 hour before touching it, see if the screen works again.

So here are the procedures to try to fix Xiaomi Mi Smart Band bracelet problem blocked.

If you are having trouble operating your device, and our article could not help you, here is the Xiaomi support France, who may be able to help you:

Xiaomi support