xiaomi smart band bracelet that does not turn on what to do

You have been using a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band bracelet, but this morning, for no apparent reason, it no longer lights up. You have no idea where the problem is, it was still working fine yesterday.

So what to do? In this article we will try to provide you with as much information as possible to help you correct the problem.

What to do if my Xiaomi Mi Smart Band does not turn on? Answer in this article.

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Tips to fix a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band that will no longer turn on

First of all, it is important to know that logically, it is not not possible to turn off these bracelets. If it appears extinct, it is only veille, or else completely discharged.

Try to take out the watch bracelet

The first thing to do is to try to use the central button to wake it up. If nothing happens when you let your finger press down, then let's move on.

Place the Xiaomi bracelet in prolonged charge

It is possible that your bracelet is completely discharged, and requires a long time to recharge in order to be able to function again.

So try to charge your bracelet for at least 2 hours, then try to turn it on again.

Change charger

Your bracelet may not turn on anymore because the charger is defective. You think the problem is with the bracelet, while it could be with a charger that no longer works.

So try using a different cable, and possibly USB on a computer. Also, wait a long time before trying to turn it back on.

Clean the charger and wristband connections

If your Xiaomi Smart Band no longer turns on, it is also possible that this is due to poor charger connectivity, which prevents charging. Try the following manipulation:

  • With a cotton swab, try to gently clean the charger receiver on your bracelet, then the charger connector.

If you manage to remove some dust or impurities, it is possible that the charging problem comes from there.

after cleaning well, try to turn it on again.

My bracelet no longer turns on: waterproof problem

- xiaomi bracelets are designed to be water resistant. Each model has specific standards, determining their specific resistance to water.

For the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band bracelet, the standard in question is:

  • IP68 : Devices meeting the international standard IP68 are considered Immersion resistant to a maximum depth of 1,5 m underwater for thirty minutes.

Despite this specificity, it is possible that a possible defect, or natural wear of time, has deteriorated this resistance.

If you have recently used your bracelet in contact with water, make sure it is completely dry before recharging it, and trying to turn it on.

Here are all our tips to find a solution to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band bracelet that no longer turns on. If, however, nothing has been able to resolve this, you can always contact your dealer, or Xiaomi customer service:

Xiaomi customer service