samsung gear fit does not light up what to do

The bracelet and connected watch market continues to develop, and the major players are engaged in fierce competition. Samsung is now one of them, with a range of affordable watches and bracelets.

You own the Samsung Gear Fit, but you have some issues with this bracelet. Recently, it doesn't light up anymore. Despite the reliability of these devices, it can still happen that sometimes some concerns appear.

In this article we will provide you with as many answers as possible in order to solve the problem, and know why your Samsung Gear Fit does not turn on anymore.

Solutions to fix a Samsung Gear Fit that no longer works

Here is a guide to problem resolution for your connected bracelet. First of all, the first thing to see is about the charge of your device.

My Samsung bracelet does not turn on anymore because of the charge

You may have trouble charging your device, and it may not turn on due to lack of battery.

If you have just received your equipment, and it is brand new, then it may be completely unloaded. Place it on charge for about 30 minutes before trying to turn it on.

If your device is not new, it is therefore the charger may not work. If you think the ignition problem comes from the load, then several solutions:

Your Samsung Gear fit is supplied with a small charger box which attaches to the inside of the bracelet. Small connector plugs are present. Make sure they are clean.

Clean the conductors to make it easier to charge and turn on your Gear Fit

When your device does not turn on, it very often implies that there is a charging problem. Without battery reserve, it is impossible to turn on. So make sure your device is clean at the connectors. To do this, follow this manipulation:

  • Clean the connectors with a cotton swab and a little alcohol
  • Make sure that no foreign object (dust, plastic, or other waste) hinders the connection

Once done, put it back on charge and wait about 30 minutes.

If when you plug it in nothing happens, then try using a different charging cable.

Use a different USB cable to charge your bracelet

You will find that it is also necessary to connect your watch using a universal USB cable. therefore try a different cable than the one supplied by default. Any standard charger will do.

If that still doesn't work, and your Samsung Gear Fit still won't turn on, let's look for the failure elsewhere.

Hold the power button for 7 seconds

Your Samsung device has a power button. Try to keep it pressed for 7 seconds, to force it to turn on. Logically, at this stage of the operations, it has been loaded, and should light up.

My Samsung Gear Fit bracelet no longer turns on due to water

Your device is protected by IP67 standard.

This means that theoretically, and when in good condition, it is totally protected from any dry dust, and also resistant to immersion in water up to 1M depth.

However, the wear of time, or a small shock, can damage this protection.

If you recently used it in a humid environment, or underwater, leave it to dry in a dry place for a few hours, before trying to turn it on again, or to put it on charge.

Here are the top tips we can give you when you have trouble turning on your Samsung Gear Fit. If despite all these manipulations, nothing works, it still does not turn on, try contacting customer service for repair or replacement.

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