You have recently become a big fan and user of these connected watches and bracelets, which allow you to have much more control over your physical activity. As a true partner throughout the day, Your Samsung Galaxy Watch allows you to have a lot of information about your activity.

Whether the heartbeat, the calories burned, the number of steps ... etc

You can keep an eye out for these important information, in order to optimize your physical activity and thus stay in shape.

But what to do when it no longer works? What to do if your Samsung Galaxy Watch no longer turns on?

In this article we will help you solve the problem, so that you can turn on your device again.

If you think you have a connection problem, read this article which will help you more precisely:


What to do when your Samsung Galaxy Watch does not start

Here are the different things to test and check in order to find a solution when your watch does not start.

Most of the time, it is a charging problem that is responsible for your device not turning on. Indeed, one might think that this one is charged, but in reality, no.

Here are some tips to fix it

Charging problem on your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy watches all work on the same charging principle. Whether you use a classic Samsung Galawy Watch, or the Samwung Galaxy watch 3, it is with a charging support box that you recharge the batteries.

You place the watch on the base, and a small red light turns on.

Watch the behavior of the red light. If it doesn't light up, then the problem is with the charger. If it is new, ask your merchant for a guarantee.

If it is old, check the power cables, and also if the connectors are not dirty. Dust or dirt can create false contacts and prevent your Samsung Galaxy Watch from charging.

Clean the charger and watch connections

As explained above it is also possible that it is linked to poor connectivity of the charger, which prevents charging. Try the following manipulation:

  • With a cotton swab, try to gently clean the charger receiver on your watch, then the charger connector.

If you manage to remove some dust or impurities, it is possible that the charging problem comes from there.

after cleaning well, try to charge your watch again.

However, if you had several identical chargers, try to change the charger, in order to analyze the behavior.

If, regardless of the charger you are using, you see the red light come on when you put the watch down, but nothing is happening on your watch, then the problem lies with the watch itself.

Leave your Samsung watch on extended charge

It is possible that your watch is completely discharged, and requires a long recharge time in order to be able to work again.

So try to place your device on charge for at least 30 minutes, then try to turn it on again.

Remember, to turn on a Samsung Galaxy Watch, regardless of the model, press and hold the button on the bottom right for a few seconds, until you feel a small vibration.

Logically, you should see the charging procedure on the screen, indicating the charge already transferred.

Cannot turn on my Samsung Galaxy Watch: waterproof problem

- samsung watches are made to be water resistant. Each model has specific standards, determining their specific resistance to water.

In the case of Galaxy Watch models, these are subject to the IP68 standard. This international standard determines a certain quality of resistance, also in order to standardize the codes in the world.

This makes it easier to understand, and allows brands to rely on it in order to guarantee some water protection for their products.

Your Samsung Galaxy Watch is subject to IP68 standard:

  • IP68 : Devices meeting the international standard IP68 are considered Immersion resistant to a maximum depth of 1,5 m underwater for thirty minutes.

This is the theoretical resistance that your device should benefit from. However, over time, and natural wear and tear, or even certain small shocks, this protection is not eternal.

And if you often use your watch in aquatic environments, it may be that a water resistance issue is preventing your watch from starting.

So try to let it dry as much as possible if this is your case, before trying to recharge it and restart it.

Here are all our tips when your Samsung Galaxy watch no longer turns on. However, if nothing helps, it still does not work, here is a link to contact Samsung customer service:

Samsung support