JBL Xtreme that turns off by itself

Spend time listening to music, everywhere with you .. JBL Xtreme speakers by their autonomy and their sound quality, allow you to always have good music nearby. JBL is a quality brand, offering a wide range of loudspeakers, of which the Xtreme product is one of the most popular.

But despite this good brand image, and the reliability of the products, it can happen that your portable speaker no longer works properly. Whether it is after a shock, too long exposure to water, or some other problem, your JBL Xtreme may not work properly.

My JBL Xtreme turns off by itself, what should I do? In this article, we will discuss the various solutions to be implemented in order to correct this type of problem. The objective here is to offer you simple operations, without having to pay for a repair or to change your speaker.

If instead of your JBL speaker that turns off by itself, this one does not start at all, here is an article about it:


Otherwise, here's what to do when your JBL Xtreme turns off by itself.

What to do when your JBL portable speaker turns off on its own

First of all, here are some quick steps to test in order to correct this problem. First of all, update the software of your JBL Xtreme.

Updating your speaker software

Maybe the JBL software update correct malfunctions that cause the speaker to shut down. To update the software, it's very simple:

  • connect the speaker to a phone, download the JBL app, and follow the instructions.

If you are having difficulty updating, here is a Video tutorial :

How to update JBL software

Once the update is complete, reset your speaker. This will restart the settings, which could have caused malfunctions.

Resetting your JBL Xtreme speaker

How many times resetting your speaker has fixed many bugs. A quick fix in many situations. So try to reset your speaker with one of the two operations explained below:

  • at the same time press the bluetooth button, and + volume for 5 seconds.
  • simultaneously press the play / pause button, and the + volume for at least 5 seconds.

If that doesn't change anything, then we can more precisely target the root of the problem: the battery. Chances are it's been damaged, or it's just worn out.

Si your JBL speaker switches off by itself, it is most likely the source of energy that is responsible: drums, or your battery charging equipment.

So what to do in this case, here are some answers.

JXL Extreme that cuts itself off: charging / battery problem

Let's try to analyze precisely the origin of this problem. First, try to analyze your charging hardware to make sure everything is working properly.

  • Check your charging cable or outlet

This is probably the first thing you checked. Make sure your charger is working anyway, and that the plug used is not damaged . Choose a wall outlet more than a USB outlet on a computer.

  • Observe the grip on your speaker

Monitor the condition of the outlet. She may be dirty, or in poor condition. Remember to clean it regularly, to avoid any dust that could prevent charging.

  • Use a different charger to be sure the problem is not there : If despite this, the problem is still the same, then only one possible conclusion: The battery is dead
  • Battery problem

It is also possible that the your JBL Xtreme portable speaker battery is flat and cannot recharge. If so, you have two options, change the battery, or the speaker. It would be a shame to replace the entire speaker when it only turns off because of the battery. If you are a bit of a handyman, here is a lien video to a tutorial to change a JBL Xtreme speaker battery :

Change the battery of your JBL Xtreme

This fairly easy tutorial will explain in detail how to change the defective battery in your JBL Xtreme speaker. Remember to get a new battery beforehand, which you can find on Amazon around 30 €.

My JBL Xtreme turns off by itself, what should I do? Here are all the solutions we offer. If despite all this, your speaker still encounters the same problems, or you do not want to embark on a manual repair, you can always call on the JBL support. Here is the link for contact customer service :

JBL Support