JBL Flip speaker that no longer charges

The JBL brand has been for many years a key player in portable speakers. With a range of over 8 different products, there is something for everyone on portable speakers.

You use the template JBL Flip for some time, and suddenly, it is not no longer possible to recharge the battery. Without knowing why, your JBL Flip speaker is no longer charging, so it is impossible to listen to music.

In this article, the objective here is to explain to you what could cause the load failure, and offer you a maximum of solutions, in order to avoid buying a new one.

Here's what you can do when your JBL Flip portable speaker no longer charging.

Why is my JBL Flip speaker no longer charging

First, we will discuss all the possible charging failures, in order to help you find the one that corresponds to your problem.

The charging socket on the speaker no longer works

It is possible, especially in a case where your speaker has fallen, that the charging socket no longer works correctly. Due to shocks or other, there may be a false contact, or no load. IF you inspect your enclosure, and find that it is over difficult to plug the charger cable into it for example, there is a chance that your speaker was damaged at this level.

In this case, know that you have available a small video tutorial in order to replace the charging port of your speaker yourself. If you want to view this tutorial video, it's here:

How to replace the charging socket on the JBL Flip speaker

The charging cable or charger is defective

If the problem does not come from the socket itself, it is possible that your charger is defective, or the USB cable. In these cases, try to find a new cable.

Prefer a charger with a wall outlet rather than a USB charger on a computer, it will be more powerful. In the event that your speaker is completely discharged, your charger may not have the capacity to revive the battery.

So plug your speaker into a wall outlet for 24 hours. If after 24 hours it is still not possible to start your speaker, then the problem is probably with the battery.

Charging problem on JBL Flip: Defective battery

As explained just above, it is possible that this charging problem comes directly from the battery. Indeed, any battery has a lifespan, so it is not impossible that your battery is at the end of its life.

For a JBL Flip speaker, la service life represents approximately 500 charges. If you think you are around there, maybe it is time to replace the battery. Here is a tutorial to help you replace it you even if you feel able to tinker:

How to replace a battery on a JBL Flip speaker yourself

Cannot charge my JBL Flip speaker

If all our advice mentioned above was not enough to charge your speaker, and be able to listen to music again, the motherboard of your speaker may be defective.

In these cases, there is unfortunately not much more to do. We therefore advise you to contact JBL customer service at the following address:

JBL Support