Huawei watch disconnecting, what to do

You use a connected watch Huawei but it disconnects for no reason from your phone. You don't know why, but the connection is unstable, making it difficult to use and share information.

In this article, we will help you solve the connection problems disconnecting your Huawei Watch.

Here's what to do when your Huawei Watch disconnects.

Connection problem on my Huawei Watch

In order to help you solve the problem, we are going to discuss one by one the different manipulations or solutions to try for your watch. Maybe some tips will work better than others, depending on the nature of your problem.

If you take the solutions one by one, there is a good chance that one of them will work for your connection problem. Otherwise, we will redirect you to the Huawei customer service so that you can send your connected watch in guarantee, or after sales service.

Your Huawei Watch disconnecting often comes from a bluetooth problem. Let's see together how to correct the problems de Huawei Watch disconnecting.

Bluetooth connection problem on my Huawei Watch

Most of the time, when you have disconnection problems on a Huawei Watch, bluetooth is the cause. Despite the reliability of this connection mode, it is not uncommon to see small problems disrupting the connection.

In order to make sure it is working properly, check this:

  • Make sure you get enough close to the device connected via Bluetooth : The Bluetooth connection distance is relatively short. After 10M you can quickly lose the connection, your Huawei watch can disconnect
  • Avoid interference : If there are walls or other walls between your watch and your smartphone, it may interfere with the connection. try keep your two devices in the same room.
  • Monitor other surrounding Bluetooth connections, or other wave sources: If other Bluetooth devices are nearby, it may interfere with the connection. Also, if you have other wave devices, such as a microwave, it can also cause disconnections.

Forget the bluetooth device

If a Bluetooth connection issue causes your Huawei Watch to disconnect, try resetting that connection. To do this, follow this procedure:

  • Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings
  • Among the peripherals Bluetooth paired, select your Huawei Watch
  • Repeat the pairing procedure for the two devices

To go further on bluetooth issues, here's some help:


My Huawei Watch disconnects: GPS problem

If you have a Android smartphone two cases can cause disconnection due to GPS :

  • When you turn off GPS
  • When Huawei Health app is not authorized to access location information from your phone

In both cases, the connection between your Huawei watch and your Android smartphone may be disrupted. Make sure you reactivate the GPS, Or authorize your Huawei Health app to access location information.

If you have some GPS problems on a Huawei Band, here is a related article:

GPS problem on Huawei Band

To check that Huawei Health has access to your location, and maintains the connection, go to your phone's settings, then applications.

My Huawei Watch disconnects: GPS problem

Common Sign Out Problems on Huawei Watch

Here are some issues causing Huawei watches to disconnect.

Battery optimization on the Huawei Health app

When Huawei app is in " battery optimization", It is possible that causes disconnection. Your phone does everything to conserve battery power, and this sometimes causes the connection to your watch to malfunction. Disable it to reestablish a normal connection.

Update problem

When the Huawei Health app or your Huawei Watch are not up to date, this may cause connection problems. Make sure you have the latest updates to correct bugs.

For that, here is a little help if you have any update issues:


To update your watch, you have need to connect it to the phone.

If you can maintain the connection long enough, open the app.

Then press " Appareils", Touch the name of your watch, choose " Software update“, Then follow the onscreen instructions to update your watch, if there are new updates available.

Reset your Huawei Watch to its factory settings

If everything you've tried doesn't work and you have Huawei Watch disconnecting still, it is also possible to reset your watch. This will re-parameterize the connection, and may resolve disconnection issues.

To reset your Huawei Watch, here is the procedure:

  • Turn on your watch screen
  • Go to settings
  • Open the " systems« 
  • From there you can reset to factory settings your Huawei Watch

Please note : By doing this, you delete:

  • Data stored on your watch
  • System settings and preferences

Additionally, your watch is unpaired from your phone. This will allow you to pair your device again, to reset the connection.

Here are all our tips for fix Huawei Watch disconnection issues. If despite this, you still do not arrive not to maintain a stable connection, then contact the Huawei customer service at this address :

Huawei Support