fitbit problem not turning on

You recently purchased a bracelet or a Fitbit watch, but you don't know how to turn it on, or you've had a Fitbit device for years, and this one does not light up recently.

Regardless of the model, whether it is a ignition problem on Fitbit Versa, Ace, Charge, ou Inspire, here are some recommendations to solve it.

Despite the reliability of these devices, it can sometimes happen that they no longer work properly, for various reasons.

In this article we try to help you do operate your Fitbit watch or bracelet, when it no longer turns on.

Here are the different solutions to put in place in order to solve the problem.

Ignition problem on my Fitbit device

Here is a guide to troubleshooting for your Fitbit.

My Fitbit watch or bracelet turns on, but the screen remains black

If you think your device turns on, but that's only the screen that remains off, so we wrote a full article about it.

Consult it in order to have a more appropriate response to your needs:


If however the watch or bracelet does not turn on at all, so let's continue in this article other solutions adapted to your need.

My Fitbit device no longer turns on due to charging

It is possible that your Fitbit has a charging problem, and that it does not light up anymore because of this.

If you have just received your equipment, and it is brand new, then it may be completely unloaded. Place it on charge for about 30 minutes before trying to turn it on.

If your device is not new, it is therefore the charger may not work. If you think the ignition problem comes from the load, so go to this article detailed, which covers the subject:


Charge Fitbit model must be charged for a specific duration, if we want to optimize the load, and preserve battery. If you're not sure how long to charge your device, and want more details, here's an article on it:


If that didn't solve your problem, let's keep looking.

Clean the conductors to make it easier to charge and turn on your Fitbit

When your device does not turn on, it very often implies that there is a charging problem. Without battery reserve, it is impossible to turn on. So make sure your device is clean at the connectors. To do this, follow this manipulation:

  • Clean the connectors with a cotton swab and a little alcohol
  • Make sure that no foreign object (dust, plastic, or other waste) hinders the connection

Once done, put it back on charge and wait about 30 minutes.

My Fitbit has taken on water and won't turn on

Even though all Fitbits are designed to go underwater, there are times when they have a problem with water resistance after a few years of use and wear.

If you have recently used it in a humid environment, or under water, let it dry in a dry place for a few hours, before trying to turn it back on or put it on charge.

If this is the problem, try returning it to warranty so you get a new one that withstands water contact.

Here are the top tips we can give you when you have an ignition problem on your Fitbit. If, despite all this, nothing happens, and the screen always remains off, there is therefore a more complicated problem to manage yourself, and therefore requires going through the Fitbit technical service.

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