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You use your Android smartphone to write messages, and this in different languages. So it is very convenient for you install multiple languages, so that you can change quickly.

Because writing in several languages ​​with the same keyboard is sometimes complicated, even impossible if certain characters are not available. This is the case, for example, if you want to write in Arabic.

It is therefore possible, on an Android smartphone, to configure different keyboards, which can be quickly chosen and thus change language, depending on your choice.

So here is a guide to show you how to put multiple languages ​​on the keyboard of your android smartphone.

Install different languages ​​on your Android keyboard

The first thing to do when you want to have multiple languages ​​on your keyboard, it's from configure these languages ​​on your smartphone. This does not mean that you will change the default language, just add more, so that they are available.

Here are the steps for you show how to put multiple languages ​​on android keyboard.

Add a new language in your phone settings

In order to show you how to do this, we took an example from our test phone. As you can see below, we have kept French as the default language, but we have added two more languages.

Your phone thus downloads a new dictionary and alphabet, in order to make these characters available to you and spell check in that language.

set up different languages ​​on your phone keypad

To access it, it's very simple:

  • Open your phone settings
  • Look for " language »In the search bar at the top of your screen
  • Open the “Language and region” menu, as above
  • Click on " Add Language", Written in large blue

From there, these different languages ​​will be available quickly on the various messaging tools. Let's see how to select them quickly in order to change languages ​​easily on your smartphone.

How to switch between languages ​​quickly on your Android phone

There are different methods, depending on the keyboard you usez. In the majority of cases, the two keyboards used are Android's SwiftKey, or Google's Gboard. We explain how switch from one language to another quickly, on these two keyboards.

  • The Gboard keyboard, keyboard developed by Google
  • The SwiftKey keyboard, native Android keyboard, installed by default on our phones

If you don't have Gboard, here is a link to download this keyboard:

download g board on the android play store

Switch between languages ​​on the Google Gboard keyboard

On the Google keyboard named Gboard, the handling is slightly different. Indeed, this one does not directly allow you to change the language. You are going to have to change the keyboard, which is very simple. Here is how to do it.

In the same logic as before, make sure that the languages ​​that interest you are well configured on Gboard.

Here's how to make sure:

  • Open your phone settings
  • Look for the tab languages ​​and input, then open the 
  • In this menu click on Gboard keyboard
  • Open the Languages ​​tab, as explained below as an example
  • Among languages, make sure you have the ones you want to employ
  • If the language you want to use does not appear, you simply have to click at the bottom of your screen on " Add keyboard« 
  • Here in our case we will use the French, Arabic et the English
add different languages ​​android gboard keyboard

When you are done, and all the languages ​​you want to use have been configured, you can close these settings, and return to your messaging application.

We will now test if this works:

From there, you can directly and just change the language.

As shown below in the example photo, the different keyboards appear when you press the space bar for a few seconds. Simply choose the language you want.

As noted, it is very easy to change, and even in the same message, a few seconds are enough to switch from one language to another.

switch from one language to another on gboard keyboard on android

Here's how to google keyboard. If you want to use the native Android keyboard, SwiftKey, here's how:

SwiftKey Keyboard: How to set up another language

Normally at this point you have added new languages ​​to your phone. These are therefore available among the choice of languages.

To finalize the procedure, do like this:

  • go to Parameters from your Android smartphone
  • Open the tab System and updates
  • Languages ​​and entries
  • Click on SwiftKey keyboard
  • Open option Languages, you will find the tab as shown as an example
  • Add the language you want to use. In our example, we have added english
put a new language on claveir swiftkey

When this manipulation is finished, you will have access to both languages ​​on your messaging tools. However, this is possible because the alphabets are the same.

In case you speak two languages ​​with different alphabets, For example Arabic, then the handling is a little different.

To know how to write in Arabic and change languages ​​easily, here is a article entirely dedicated to this:


Just follow the steps in this article to quickly configure Arabic as one of the languages ​​on your keyboard.

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