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The personalization of our Android smartphone allows us to configure as we wish with great freedom.

- widgets, true essential accessory many applications are part of it. In this article, we will focus on the weather related widgets.

We will briefly explain to you before that how a widget works, and what it is for. At the end of this article you will master these small tools perfectly and know how to install weather widget on android smartphone.

Widgets, how they work and what they are used for on Android

Before explaining to you in detail how to install and configure widgets on your android smartphone, here is a little reminder of their origin and how they work on your phone.

The word widget, shortened to the word " Windows "(Window) and" gadgets“, Designates a small small window similar to an extension of a specific application. This allows you to display relevant information connected to the application, which update regularly, without launching the application.

So you have to at your fingertips real-time information about the weather forecast, the stock market, your heart rate linked to a connected watch, etc.

Generally, informations are in real time as long as you are connected to the internet, and you can click to refresh that just by clicking on it.

Benefits of weather widgets on your phone

The big advantages of widgets are saving time and simplifying the process. Without opening anything, you have access to several information on the main menu of your Android phone. If, for example, you follow several stock prices at the same time, this allows you to display all the prices simultaneously in real time.

And all of this without actually changing your battery consumption. Indeed, since the widgets are activated only when you unlock your phone, in standby mode it does not change anything.

So unless you unlock your phone every minute, the impact on the battery will be minimal.

Now that you know that, here is how to configure them on your android smartphone.

How to install and configure a weather widget on your Android smartphone

In order to take advantage of these tools, it's very simple. By default, on Android smartphones there are preinstalled widgets that you have access to.

To install them, follow this manipulation, described below also by the images :

  • Let him finger pressed a few seconds on a page of your main menu with available space
  • After a few seconds, you will see appear at the bottom of your screen, several tabs. Click on " widgets« 
  • Different widgets will be offered to you, scroll until you reach that of the Weather, then click on it
  • Finally, choose the format that suits you, depending on the size of the menus

And here is the work! You therefore have available on your main menu the weather forecast for your geographical position, determined by your GPS chip and your geolocation.

How to add a city to the weather widget

You can also add different cities, in order to monitor different places at the same time. For it, just click on the widget, and precisely " add city", In order to have a more localized weather from different places simultaneously.

Follow the steps in the photo below to help you perform the procedure:

You must therefore choose a city of residence. It is the city that will be displayed first. If your current city of presence is the same as your home city, it will only be displayed once. As soon as you move, and your current location is different, then it will be displayed on your screen.

Here is a quick little tutorial to better understand and use widgets. With a little curiosity and research, you will discover many other widgets, on very different subjects, that may interest you.

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