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For several years, Google offers voice command services intended to make our lives easier on Android. Indeed, by simple voice command, you can order your phone a whole set of actions.

This is very useful when you do not have not the phone in my hands, or that you are busy doing something else.

The service of google voice control is materialized by the now famous Ok Google. By simple diction of this sentence, your smartphone goes into listening mode, in order to answer your demand :

  • Ok Google, what time is it?

Your phone will automatically tell you what time it is. Convenient !

However, it may happen that this tool does not work. The Voice Match tool, allowing to record his voice so that the Google tool recognizes it, does not work.

Consequently, unable to record voice, or simply your voice does not make your phone react.

We will see in this article Solve a set of issue that prevent you from activating Voice Match on your Android smartphone.

Here is a list of all the issues related to Ok Google and Voice Match, making it impossible for you to use voice command on your Android smartphone.

We'll start with the most common and easy-to-solve problems:

Basic Solutions to Troubleshoot Voice Match and Ok Google Problems

Here are most common problems:

You do not have enough internet access to use Voice Match services

You may not know it, but the Google voice command services are stored online, and need a permanent internet connection. If your connection is limited when you try to configure Voice Match, Or to use Ok Google, then your problems may come from there.

Try somewhere that picks up better, or try Wi-Fi. If your problems persist, so maybe this is linked to your internet connection. In this case, we will let's direct to this article:


If your internet connection is working fine, then the problem is elsewhere, let's keep looking.

Voice Match disabled by mistake?

Maybe your voice assistant has been disabled by manipulation error ? Or is it just someone who is playing a trick on you?

In settings from your smartphone, type Voice Match, and make sure that the Google Assistant is active. Before attempting to solve a problem with more complex solutions, it is important to ensure that the database has been verified. Even if it may seem trivial.

Different more complex issues related to Voice Match

If the simpler solutions haven't worked for you, then let's try digging deeper into our research.

Voice Match does not activate on my phone: cannot use Ok Google

Let's see here what could be the reasons that prevent you from using Voice Match and Ok Google. First of all, it is important to know if the problem is with you, or with the application in question.

For example, in 2019, an update on Redmi and Xiaomi brand smartphones caused the inability to use the google services. A delicate situation, but nevertheless beyond your control. Result, nothing to do except wait for a corrective update.

If so, try to inquire about forums, Reddit, Twitter, for information relating to your make / model. Also consult the state of Google servers, who can tell more about the working condition of their tools.

If everything seems to be working on the update / manufacturer side, let's see if the You may have a problem with Voice Match.

Voice Match issue: Is the selected language the correct one?

This may seem unlikely, but it is possible that the lthe wrong organ is selected. Whether voluntary or by false manipulation.

It is necessary that the language spoken for speech Recognition the same as the one selected in the parameters. Because when you speak the voice assistant compares your voice to ae vocabulary list specific to a language.

To check if your spoken language corresponds to the one defined by default, follow this little manipulation:

  • Go to settings from your Android smartphone
  • In the search bar at the top of your screen, type the word " language« 
  • Open the tab " Languages ​​compatible with the assistant« 
  • Be sure that the language you speak is correctly configured by default, as shown in the example below. For us in this case, we use French
voice match add voice: ok google

Cannot use Voice Match: Is your microphone out of order?

When you try record a new voice for the voice assistant, you notice that it is not working well. Maybe it comes from your microphone, which is not working well. As a result, your smartphone has trouble recording your voice properly.

Take the test by calling a friend, to see if the conversation goes smoothly. Make sure you both get the network properly so you don't get interference.

If you problem does not come from there, let's keep looking. If you notice that conversation is not possible on the phone, wherever you are difficult to hear, then your microphone has a problem. In this case, read our article :


Are Google and Android updates stable?

It is possible, either way, that old or new versions of Android and Google are unstable. Sometimes the old versions are too outdated, and the new ones are unstable.

Try updating your Android system to see if that fixes your Android issue. If you don't know how, here's a little help:


If, however, you have just updated, and this is precisely what is causing the problem, then in this case you can consider the solution to go back to a more stable older version. Here is an article to help you:


Here are some tips related to the version of your tools. If that still doesn't work, there is still a little trick, which has worked for some users, not quite sure why:

Use the screen context option as a solution to an Ok Google problem

After extensive research on various international forums, it was reported to us that this manipulation has solved the problem for some users.

Quite simply, checking this option allows (for some) to reuse Voice Match. The reason behind this is unknown, but sometimes you have to accept that we don't understand everything, especially when it solves problems!

If this option was already checked, try to uncheck it, uncheck Google Assistant, then reactivate while starting with this " screen context. "

Here are all the solutions that allowed us to fix Voice Match and Ok Google issues. Hope we managed to help you.