android auto logo on android smartphone

Android Auto is an application that allows connect your smartphone to your dashboard. This allows you to access certain applications while you are driving.

Be careful, of course the objective is not to have fun while riding. But rather for example of configure a GPS, or put music from your phone. This will make it more practical to follow the road, if your GPS is on the dashboard than on your phone in the passenger seat or in your right hand.

The purpose of this article is to help you use Android Auto on Android smartphone.

We will evoke download and installation, then secondly the different functionalities of the application.

Before you start with Android Auto

Here are some prerequisites before you start using this application on your smartphone and on your vehicle.

Is my vehicle compatible with Android Auto

Before downloading and using Android Auto on your phone and your vehicle, make sure it is compatible. Here is a link to the official Android page to find out if your vehicle appears there.

Note that if your vehicle does not appear there, it is still possible to use Android Auto from your phone, without sharing the screen on your dashboard. You will have access to the same functionalities.

If your car model appears in this list, you can proceed to the next one.

Download and install the app on Android

The first step to using Android Auto in your car makes sense to download the app. If you have a recent smartphone, with Android 10, then Android Auto will already be incorporated into your phone, as a system application.

If you have a slightly older phone, then you will need to download the application from the Play-store.

For full description of these steps, first read this article before continuing :


Si Android Auto is already installed and launched on your phone, and on your dashboard, then go directly to the next paragraph.

How to use Android Auto on Android smartphone

From there, consider that you have downloaded the applications to your phone.

The next step will be to connect your smartphone to your dashboard. You have a few additional steps to perform, detailed below:

  1. Start your car
  2. Unlock your smartphone, and launch Android Auto
  3. Download and install them latest updates of your applications (GPS, Music, etc.)
  4. Login the phone in the car with a USB cable
  5. Activate notifications on Android Auto
  6. Activate bluetooth (this will be automatic for versions 6.0 Marshmallow and above)
  7. Select Android Auto on your car's touchscreen

From there, you are ready to use Android Auto in your vehicle. The next step will be to familiarize yourself with the menu, and to configure the Google Assistant so that you can use voice recognition.

This will save you from having to tap the screen while riding.

Configure Google Assistant to use voice recognition on Android Auto

You do not have to configure this feature, but in terms of security it will be preferable. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Launch application on your phone
  • Go to settings
  • As detailed below, open the tab detection of the keyword "hey Google"
  • Activate the option Hey Google
  • Configure the tool according to your own voice

And now, voila. You can now use voice recognition to navigate Android Auto.

For example, if you want to use GPS:

  • Activate the voice command by saying aloud "Hey Google"
  • Say the following command for example: "Lance Waze"
  • When Waze is launched, you can say aloud a specific address, and start the GPS

Different features to use on Android Auto

Familiarize yourself first with the use of voice control, and the various tools available.

Use YouTube on Android Auto

You will be able to start the GPS as explained above, or for example start the music. If you want to set up Youtube Music on Android Auto, please follow this link to an article that will walk you through everything:


Using Waze on Android Auto

If you want to configure the famous Waze GPS on Android Auto, here is a link to the installation: