Android version update

Most of the time your Android smartphone will update the system automatically, so you don't have to do anything. Sometimes, however, you may not have the latest update available installed on your smartphone, so you have to do it manually.

This simple procedure will be explained to you in this article.

If however you were not satisfied with the update of your smartphone, we have written an article explaining how to revert to an old Android update.

Before that, let's see first what will this famous update be used for on your Android phone.

Why update on my Android smartphone

  • Optimization of your smartphone:

It is possible that over time your applications work less well, leave for no apparent reason, your phone is slowed down, or the battery drains faster than usual ... etc. And this for various reasons. When you install an update, It's possible that some bugs are fixed. For example if you have the latest updates for certain applications but not for your version of Android that runs them, it may be that compatibility issue prevents them from working properly. With the latest versions, everything can Return to normal.

  • Security of your smartphone:

Over time new ones develop virus or flaws for which our phones are sensitive. When we update our smartphones, they are more able to defend against these possible attacks because the protections are up to date.

  • Ergonomics of your phone:

Over time, updates may simply improve user comfort by modifying certain details which may become obsolete. We often notice on our favorite applications the new updates that give a visual facelift, or simply a simplified, faster interface. Updates of the Android operating system will allow this little refurbishment the use of your phone as a whole.

  • Additional features:

It is possible but not systematic that Android offers new features with its update. For example, with the last update in date Android 10, (we will note in passing a change in marketing strategy vis-à-vis the name, more sober, simple and serious, unlike previously or names of cakes served update (Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop…), you will have access to a support for foldable screen smartphones, or subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people, simplified sharing, a dark mode… in short, by updating, you will have access to additional content, which is not to displease us.

Logically, this update is always free and is one of services than Android offers when you use it. Don't worry, this will allow you to keep all of your personal data without touching it.

So here is how to perform this famous update on your Android smartphone :

How to update on Android

How to update on Android

Before you start, make sure you have enough battery to perform the update. Ideally, you should charge your smartphone during the procedure. It is possible to perform thewithout wifi, but for that you must have a sufficiently large package to be able to do so without incurring additional costs. Updates quickly go up to 500 MB of data to download.

here are some screen prints who will assist you in the procedure. They were carried out on W but the principle remains the same on all phones under Android.

  • Step 1 : Go to them settings of your Android smartphone. Once inside, press " about the phone At the bottom of your screen. It's the last choice that we offer at the bottom by scrolling to the end. This will take you to the middle screen which you can see right above, where you have all the related information to your smartphone and different versions that you own.
  • Step 2 : From there, you just need to click sure " system updates ", And you will see the 3th page appear. You will have the opportunity from here to do the update your smartphone. If, like me, your phone is up to date, then you don't have to do anything!

Conclusion on Android updates 

This very simple method allows your smartphone to stay up to date different features of the software. Be careful however, if you have one of the first generations of smartphones, it may be that at some point the latest updates are no longer compatible with your phone. This is simply due to evolving technologies, and our smartphones are obliged to follow it, unlike the first phones which are not connected to the internet, work without updating! If you want configure updates automatically in Android, it's here !