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You use Android Auto for many years but the app is starting to malfunction, or simply lack functionality. It's possible that you haven't updated it for a long time, and struggles to function properly.

Updates fix many bugs in the app, and also add brand new content, making the app even more convenient. Although some updates may bring more problems than solutions, most of the time, updating your applications solves most of the problems.

In this article we will explain to you how to update your Android Auto app so that it works best.

Note that depending on the version of Android that you own, the procedure is a little different.

If on the other hand you did an app or Android update that doesn't suit you, be aware that it is possible to go back to install an older version that worked better for you:


Update Android Auto to Android 10

On Android 10, the recent version of Android, you probably noticed thatAndroid Auto is now part of the system applications. You therefore cannot access the application normally from its icon on your main menu. However, she is all the same accessible from the Play-store.

To update Android Auto, go to the Play-store, and type Android Auto. If you don't have a dashboard in your car, or you don't use it, then you most likely use Android Auto Mobile. This app allows Android 10 users to use their screen as a dashboard for Android Auto.

In summary, depending on whether you are using your dashboard or not, you have 2 different apps. Go to the Play-store, and type:

  • If you are using the dashboard screen of your car : Android Auto
  • If you are using your phone as a dashboard display : Android Auto Mobile

Update Android Auto to Android 9 or older

For older versions of android, the procedure is simpler. Android Auto is not incorporated into your system applications, you therefore do not have access to Android Auto Mobile. For you, the update happens directly and only by Android Auto on the Play-store.

update Android Auto on the play store

When you are on the android page Auto as above, if you are offered open the app, that means two things:

  • Your app is up to date
  • Your application is at the most advanced version compatible with your version of Android

Why can't I update Android Auto when a new version is available

Have you read on the internet or have you been told that a new version of Android Auto or another application is available. Only on your smartphone, it is not possible to update this application.

What does it mean ? When smartphones are aging, they end up block Android updates. Any phone ends up can no longer update the Android operating system. If you are stuck on Android 6 for example, it is possible that your applications can no longer update at one time or another, in order to remain compatible with Android 6.

Why that ? Because the Android operating systems are increasingly power hungry, and if your phone is getting old, it won't be no longer able to run it properly. So developers block updates at some point in order to do not compromise the operation of the phone.

It's like in a car you just change the engine and all the other parts stay the same. After a while, the rest don't follow.

It is better to have a slightly older version of a working app correctly with your phone, that very recent version too greedy in energy, which is therefore too slow and inefficient.

It's kind of part of planned obsolescence, where sooner or later you find yourself stranded with your old phone, because no application is compatible anymore because they have evolved too much.

so here's how to update your Android Auto app on your smartphone. However, if you have problems more complicated, so come on consult our articless specially dedicated to update issues: