How to turn off screen overlay on Android

Despite the frequent updates of the Android operating system and the various applications that are available, unfortunately there are still a good number of different bugs and errors that occur when we use our phones. And the application screen overlay is part of. We will first explain what the screen overlay is, then how the bug related to it appears, and above all How to solve this problem.

The origin of the screen overlay problem on Android

The origin of the screen overlay problem on Android

Ce application problem arises from the fact that multiple applications can operate simultaneouslyt, but also because some of them are considered applications " floating". They are called floating because they have floating features like some pop-up notifications, like Facebook or Whatsapp. For reasons unknown to us, these on-screen notifications may collide and display an error message. This error message that appears is a prevention message from Google preventing this application conflict from bugging your phone. It therefore puts it in stand-bye mode while you fix the problem.

It is complicated to trace precise origin of this screen overlay bug because it does not happen specifically with a model, even if Samsung appears a little more affected than the others. Also, the applications causing this type of error are not clearly identified.

Vis-à-vis the versions of Android affected, it does not seem that the updates make it possible to avoid this overlay bug, we tested with two smartphones of different versions (6 and 7) and observed the bug at one time.

So here is how to solve the screen overlay problem on Android smartphone.

Disable screen overlay on Android

In order to resolve this screen issue, you will first need to identify application cause the problem, because you are going to have to specifically act on it. Logically, if you have just installed an application and your phone is bugging, there is a good chance that your last installed application is the cause of the problem.

How to turn off screen overlay on Android

To find your smartphone in working order, you must go to settings of this one. Once inside, go to applications, then click on the small gear wheel at the top right of your screen.

How to turn off screen overlay on Android

When it's done, just click on " overlap with other applications To enter the settings for this mode.

Once in these settings, you can see which applications have the option of overlay enabled, and so deactivate the problematic ones.

How to turn off screen overlay on Android

Logically, this procedure is to be carried out until you find the application responsible for your malfunctions. feel free to restart your phone once the procedure is completed to be sure that the changes have been taken into account.

Disable one-handed mode

There may also be times when the problem is with the “one-handed mode” option, which reduces the effective size of your screen so that you can use your phone with one hand. This may be due to the fact that this mode conflicts with the display of certain applications.

To deactivate it, go to the advanced functions of your settings.