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Everything becomes easier, faster, with the Google assistant. This voice recognition tool allows you, just by the sound of your voice, to give very precise orders to your smartphone. Or to ask him any question, which he will often have the answer to.

But the fact that your phone is sensitive to your voice constantly raises many questions. Does that mean my phone is constantly on top of what I'm saying?

Does it record all my conversations? These questions seem quite legitimate when one realizes the power of this tool and its endless possibilities.

We will see in this article how to deactivate voice recognition so that our phone no longer reacts to our voice. But before that we will also see How does it work, and what that implies in terms of privacy.

How voice recognition works on the phone

Before explaining in detail how to deactivate it, here is a quick reminder of how it works on your phone.

Simply put, voice recognition is an alternative to typing on a keyboard. You speak to your smartphone aloud and words appear "like magic" on your screen.
The software behind this technology " captures »Sound waves in the air and translated into a digital language, which your Android smartphone is capable of understanding.
Voice recognition is part of the " behavioral biometrics“, These tools that can be used as an alternative to the traditional PIN code and password to identify yourself on a device.

This greatly increases security through the degree of customization.

Before seeing how to turn off voice recognition on Android, let's quickly see how it works. To go further on Android Auto issues:

How the Google Language Assistant works

Even if we see this technology appearing everywhere, we do not yet really know how it works. The speech recognition software operate by analyzing sounds and performing tasks based on information given to them by voice.

If it is not disabled, Google Assistant listens to what you say, understands what you want to achieve by applying artificial intelligence and then tries to do what you ask.

Whether it's for you give the time, the weather, or a direction, speech recognition works by associating with complex natural language processing (NLP) systems, so that they can understand not only what you are saying, but also what you actually mean and what you really want as a result.

And that is the challenge, put yourself in your shoes in order to understand your wishes as well as possible, because let us not forget, it is a machine in front of us.

But what are the limits of such a tool ? Does our smartphone only start to listen to us when we say “ok Google”? Can he record everything we say ? These questions are still difficult to answer and raise many doubts.

Before explaining to you how to deactivate voice recognition on Android, let's quickly see what are the risks of such technology.

What are the risks of such sophisticated speech recognition tools

Google's language assistant app is a perfect potential tool data mining for any intelligence agency.

It is difficult today to say whether they actually do it or not, but whether they are able to collect or hope collect voice samples Using these applications in the future, the intelligence community can only rejoice in these technological advancements.

All that is therefore potentially collected as information, and therefore turned into intelligence, is a real gold mine for these agencies. And that leads to the other side of real privacy issues, in the same debate as facial recognition by cameras in public places.

If they were able to store our voice samples, to compile them according to our identity, and to turn them into databases, this means that we are recorded for life by our tone of voice, and identifiable very quickly through this.

It boils down to targeted surveillance, so computers allow this practice to be extended to entire populations, making it a mass surveillance system.

To go further on the challenges of voice recognition

This can sometimes be scary, and imagine a world like Big Brother, where the entire population is watched. Fortunately, we still have a minimum of control over these tools, and it is possible to manually disable this voice recognition tool.

Here's how to stop your phone from responding to your voice.

Disable voice recognition on Android smartphone

Here are the different steps to deactivate this famous assistant on your Android phone.

  • Hold down the central button of your smartphone for a few seconds to launch the voice recognition tool
  • When the Google Assistant appears, press the small navigation symbol at the bottom right, as explained below on the first image
  • On the explore menu, tap your google profile picture, to display the different options
  • Among the options, open Settings from your Google account
  • You are now in your Google Account settings. From there, open the assistant tab as shown in the photo example below
  • In the Google Assistant, scroll down to the tab: Devices used, and press the option Phone
  • In the last step, just turn off the google assistant by pressing the blue slide button

From there, your phone will no longer be able to use your voice for any voice recognition. This deactivates all voice commands on the smartphone, regardless of the applications.

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