how to turn off a Polar watch

You use a polar watch as a daily activity partner, but you don't know how to use it fully yet. Specifically, you need to turn it off.

Whether it is to save battery, or to reset certain functions, it is sometimes useful to turn off your Polar watch.

But how to do it ? Is this the same procedure for all models ?

The procedure is a bit different selon le model you own, and unfortunately, most of the time it is not possible to switch off your Polar watch.

However, there are features that may be of use to you, instead of stopping the watch.

In this article, we explain precisely how to turn off a Polar watch, if it's possible, depending on the model you own.

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Operation to turn off your Polar watch depending on the model

Switch off a Polar Vantage

Polar Vantage V & V2

It is not possible to turn off the Vantage V and V2 models. You can only restart them. For that :

  • Parameters
  • general settings
  • About the watch
  • Restart the watch

Polar Vantage M

For this model it is the same, it is impossible to restart it. The manufacturers assume that this watch is aimed at enthusiasts who practice sports very regularly, so turning off the watch is not an option.

Switch off a Polar Unite or Polar Grit X

For these two models, it is the same thing. It is not not possible to turn off this Polar model. However, you have access to the following two features, in order to save battery, or simply to be quiet:

  • Airplane mode : It will simply cut off all connection like on a telephone
  • Fashion " do not disturb »: The connections are active, but no alarm, reminder or sound can be emitted.

To access these parameters, go to the quick settings of your watch. Click on the symbol of the option you want to activate.

Switch off a Polar Ignite or M 200

The Polar Ignite and M 200 are also watches that cannot be turned off. You will only have access to the airplane mode, do not disturb, or restart features.

All these features are accessible in the following menu:

  • Parameters
  • general settings
  • About the watch

Restart a Polar M 430

It is not not possible to switch off the Polar M 430 watch. The only function associated with this is to restart your device.

For redémarrer, you have to:

  • Go to settings of the watch
  • general settings
  • About the product
  • Restart the device

If you wished turn it off in order to save battery, just because you don't use it all the time, here are some other alternatives to avoid consuming all the battery while the watch is not even on your wrist:

  • Disable the function of continuous heartbeat :
    • Parameters
    • general settings
    • Continuous heartbeat
  • Disable smart notifications :
    • Parameters
    • general settings
    • Smart notifications
  • Activate airplane mode
    • Parameters
    • general settings
    • Airplane mode

How to turn off a Polar M 600

This Polar watch model can go out of two different ways :

  • You have a power button on the lower left part of your dial. Hold the supported several seconds, until the watch turns off.
  • You can also turn off your watch by browsing the menu:
    • Navigate through the options and open the " systems« 
    • In these system options, you will see the option " switch off". Tap on it.
    • Validate the process by pressing the validation logo.

So here are the different manipulations to be carried out to switch off, or if necessary, restart your watch. If you try to do this because you have connectivity problems, especially with Bluetooth, see this article: