Whether to attach an attachment to a document in a specific format or for any other reason, it can be very convenient to transform a photo into PDF format. PDF format is universal and works on any computer, any operating system phone, Android, Iphone, PC, MAC, and that for free.

If you have a PDF format, you are sure you can send it to anyone and they can read it. This is not the case with photo formats. This is why it can be very interesting to transform your photos from any format into PDF format.

Let's see in this article how to transform a photo into PDF with an Android smartphone.

Convert a photo to PDF on Android smartphone with an application

In order to convert your photo, you will first need to download an application from the Play-Store. There are dozens of them, we've tried several, and one works particularly well:

Convert a photo to PDF on Android smartphone with an application
Image to PDF conversion

This free app works perfectly to transform your photos. To take advantage of it, you just have to download it from the play-store, then install it. Its user interface is very simple.

When installed, run there:

As you can see above, the steps are very simple:

  • Launch the app, then select one or more images to convert
  • Start the conversion, then choose " Open File "To access your file
  • Once your file is displayed, just press the 3 small dots at the top right of your screen for save it on your Android smartphone.

Once done, voila!

Why transform a photo into PDF format

There are different benefits to transform your photos into PDF format:

  • Graphic integrity : A PDF file will always remain the same regardless of which computer or phone you open it. In addition, any media can open it easily without compatibility issues. Handy if you send documents to someone who has a phone from another brand, for example.
  • Safe : It is possible to configure access and security levels. Very handy if you are taking pictures of personal or confidential documents that you want to protect.
  • Compact size : It is possible with a PDF document to compress it to limit its size, without impacting its image quality. Very handy if you want to convert a large number of photos.

So here are all the benefits that you may have in transforming a photo into PDF format. The procedure is free and very simple, it's up to you now!