Android smartphone video screen capture

You want to record video you just saw or a game you are playing so you can share it with your friends but you don't know how to do it. Do not panic, the solution is very simple. Today, many applications, very often free but still effective, allow you to capture video on your Android smartphone. We will explain how to do this in this article. We will also see some models of smartphones that have functionality in their settings.

Video screen capture function integrated in the smartphone

video screenshot integrated in smartphone

As the title suggests, there are some phone brands who already offer in their features this option, without installing any application, like the last ones Huawei, for whom the procedure is childish, you just need to simultaneously press the ignition button and the volume up button, to start video recording. This is also the case on the last Asus, with the feature called " Game genius“, Which you will find in the settings of your smartphone. Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi ou One Plus, also offer this function on its recent models since some recent updates (2019).

If you don't have such built-in functionality, here are the best apps that you can download to be able to take video screenshots on your smartphone.

Video screen capture apps on Android

applications play store capture screen video smartphone android

If you have a smartphone which does not have this functionality, or when the use is not particularly practical, here are the best applications allowing you to capture videos on your Android smartphone. For installation, you just need to download from the Play Store of your Android smartphone, and follow the installation procedure. Most applications are optimized to make it very easy to use and configure, let yourself be guided through the installation steps.

  • AZ Screen Recorder

This is one of market references by its ease of use and its performance. You do not need to root your phone, it works on most smartphones on the current market, and you can download it directly from the Play store of your smartphone. And last important detail, it is free.

Rec Me Free Screen Recorder

This app allows you a whole bunch of features, with no time limit or " watermark "(No watermark), with HD quality options, and is compatible with smartphones Android rooted or not rooted. Be careful however, for non-rooted devices, you must have a version of Android greater than 5.0 otherwise you will need to launch the application from your PC in order to be able to capture the screen.

Mobizen Screen recorder

The purpose of this application is to focus mainly on recording games, being rather optimized for that. You can film yourself while you play, it is not no need to root your phone. You can set the recording quality and resolution, as well as the frames per second. Be careful however, you must have a version of Android higher than 4.4.