synchronize Outlook calendar with Android

You are used to having your calendar on your computer via Outlook but now you also want to synchronize it with your Android smartphone so that you can always have it with you.

No problem, this calendar synchronization is easily accessible and free via an application that we have tested for you. This synchronization application, originally designed only for Sony Ericsson smartphones, now extends across the universe Android. Quick guide to using the application « MyPhoneExplorer" page (in French).

Synchronize your Outlook calendar to Android with MyPhoneExplorer software

synchronize Outlook calendar with Android

Here is a short explanation of how this software works very quick to handle.

"MyPhoneExplorer" is a phone data management software that allows you to synchronize all the data on your Android smartphone. You can therefore activate the synchronization of your calendar, your Outlook address book, your personal notes, or even manage your messages and calls.

Only negative points of this application, a missing functionality, the management of multimedia data such as photos and videos. But you will find a whole bunch of other applications or software for this function. And you will notice an interface which is also a bit dated, but which makes use and ergonomics very efficient. It will however perfectly fulfill its mission of synchronizing your Outlook calendar with your smartphone Android.

Different steps to use MyPhoneExplorer to synchronize your calendar

First, you must download the app on your Android smartphone, then on your computer. here is the download link for your computer:

To download it on your Android smartphone, simply go to Play store as for any other phone application.

Once downloaded, you simply have to install it on your two devices.

installation my phone explorer on PC

Warning, on your computer, be careful not to check this box during installation, as this will make incompatible synchronization with Outlook.

Once past this point, simply follow the installation recommendations. Do the same on your Android smartphone, following the different installation steps.

When you’re done, you’ll need to connect your two devices to synchronize your data and your Outlook calendar. For this, several options are available to you, you can connect your smartphone Android via USB cable, or by bluetooth, or WiFi.

Choose what you want, the USB cable option being the most stable and fast in terms of data transfer.

However, if you wish to use data transfer and synchronization via USB, please activate the USB debugging from your smartphone.

Enable USB debugging

First thing to do, you're going to have to " enable debugging From your smartphone. What is that ? A advanced setting which allows bypass certain limits of use imposed by the telephone manufacturers, in particular on the use of USB and its various functions. This will allow you in our case to be able to log on to the internet connection from your PC.

To do this, go to " settings "From your Android smartphone, then at the very bottom," about the phone" page (in French).

option about phone

Find the line « Build number«, Then click on it several times, until we tell you " you are a developer now " In my case, I have already carried out the procedure so the following sentence appears: " You are already a developer". This is a message which means if you do this it means that you are in control of what you are doing and measuring the consequences, because as explained above you have access to more data. smartphone sensitive.

developer options

Then go back, you will see a new option appear below the phone info: " developer options". In other words, you have access to advanced features smartphone, what we are looking for synchronize your outlook calendar with your Android.

Click on it, activate the option, then activate the " USB debugging". This will allow you to have more freedom of action on your Android smartphone, and therefore to be able to synchronize your Outlook data and calendar from your computer to your Android phone.

Once you have downloaded both tools on PC and your smartphone, just activate the connection by clicking on " fichier "At the top left of your PC screen, then choose" USB connection" page (in French).

Other options for synchronizing your Outlook calendar

Note: If it did not work via USB, you have the option of doing the WiFi connection. To do this, you just need to connect your Android smartphone and your PC to the same WiFi (WiFi of your personal internet connection for example). Then, you simply click on WiFi connection, and you are connected. If you never have an internet connection, then your last option for synchronize your data is a connection bluetooth. It will then be enough to pair your two peripherals to be able to start the synchronization your Outlook calendar.

To then synchronize your Outlook calendar, simply click on " calendar On the left side of your PC screen, if it is not already done automatically.