Synchronize mailbox on android smartphone

Being able to have access to email messaging on his phone nowadays seems essential if it is useful professionally. This is one of the main features of our smartphones Nowadays. The procedure synchronization is very simple however if we know where to look, the objective therefore of this article is to show you step by step how to synchronize your mailbox on your Android smartphone.

NB: The following procedure is demonstrated on a branded phone W, it may change slightly depending on the brand, but the general procedure remains the same on all Android devices.

How to synchronize my mailbox in Android

mailbox configuration options, automatic or manual

Two options available to you to configure your mailbox, automatic or manual. We recommend that you do an automatic synchronization, it is the simplest process to perform and in most cases you do not need to customize the settings available in the manual part.

Automatic synchronization of the mailbox

This option is the most tailored and the most widely used. You do not have no adjustment to be made, just have a messaging app on your Android smartphone like below. If you do not find it on your smartphone, it is quite possible to download via your Play store. You can download a application specific to your messaging (ex: Gmail application) or a more general application if you have, for example, two mailboxes on two different messaging services.

Once you have completed your personal informations, you just have to select the type of account, POP3 ou IMAP.

For information, the protocol IMAP allows you to access your emails from any device (for example: home and work computers, tablet, smartphone, etc.) Be careful, however, available storage space is the one defined by the server, which means that you will have to regularly sort and delete emails that are no longer useful to you. The protocol POP3 on the contrary allows you to retrieve your emails on a remote server and download them to your computer, here the limit will be your storage capacity.

So you just have to follow the steps step by step for simply configure your mailbox.

Manual synchronization of the mailbox

manual address configuration details
email configuration details to own

This configuration requires that you have all details of your connection as shown in the attached photo. So you will need scrupulously fill in the information that you got from mail provider. Again, we recommend this method only if you know what you are doing and have the skills. Required information.


So here are the two main methods for configure your mailbox on your Android smartphone, if it ever does not work, there is a good chance that there are spelling or typing errors in your personal information, so be careful!