How to sync contacts from outlook to android

You have all your contacts on your Outlook mailbox on your computer and you now want to synchronize also with your Android smartphone so you can always have it with you.

No problem, this contact synchronization is easily accessible and free with two simple techniques that we tested. First, you will simply need to download Microsoft Outlook on your smartphone via the Play-store. Otherwise, you will be able to synchronize your contacts via an application that we tested for you. This synchronization application, originally designed only for Sony Ericsson smartphones, now extends across the universe Android. Quick guide to using the application « MyPhoneExplorer" page (in French).

Synchronize Outlook contacts to Android with the Microsoft Outlook application on Android

Synchronize Outlook contacts to Android with the Microsoft Outlook application on Android

As the title suggests, you just need to download the application from the Play-store of your smartphone Microsoft Outlook in order to benefit from the same uses as on your computer. You will therefore have all your contacts synchronized on your two devices.

However, if you have a smartphone that is a bit old and does not have the latest versions of Android, you may not be able to download Microsoft Outlook on your phone in the Play-store.

This is where the application MyPhoneExplorer that we are going to present to you makes perfect sense.

Synchronize Outlook contacts to Android with MyPhoneExplorer software

Here is a short explanation of how this software works very quick to handle.

"MyPhoneExplorer" is a phone data management software that allows you to synchronize all the data on your Android smartphone. You can therefore activate the synchronization of your contacts, by downloading your Outlook address book, your personal notes, or even manage your messages and calls.

Only thing that we can criticize this application, the management of multimedia data like photos and videos which is very simplified. It is still possible, if you want to go further in this area find a lot of other applications or software for this function. And you will notice an interface which is also a bit dated, but which makes use and ergonomics very efficient. It will however perfectly fulfill its mission of synchronizing your Outlook contacts with your smartphone Android.

Different steps to use MyPhoneExplorer to synchronize your contacts

First, you must download the app on your Android smartphone, then on your computer. here is the download link for your computer:

To download it on your Android smartphone, simply go to Play store as for any other phone application.

Once downloaded, you simply have to install it on your two devices.

You have been warned!, on your computer, be careful not to check this box during installation, as this will make incompatible synchronization with Outlook.

installation my phone explorer on PC to synchronize outlook contacts

Once past this point, simply follow the installation recommendations. Do the same on your Android smartphone, following the different installation steps.

When you're done, you need to connect your two devices to be able to synchronize your data and Outlook contacts. For this, several options are available to you, you can connect your smartphone Android via USB cable, or by bluetooth, or WiFi.

Note that if you choose by USB cable, you will have to perform a small manipulation called " Enable USB debugging To be able to communicate between the two devices. We therefore recommend that you simply connect your two devices on the same WiFi so they can communicate.

If however you want to do it this way, and you need to do "USB debugging", go read the following article which among others explains how to do to perform the operation.

MyPhoneExplorer to synchronize your contacts

Once you have completed the installations, simply launch the software MyPhoneExplorer, then on the left menu, click on Events, then below you will see the tab Outlook. Click on it, then at the top in the middle of your screen you will see the symbol " synchronize », Click on it to synchronize all your Outlook contacts with your Android smartphone.

For more help here is another article on this subject: