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With development of 4G, and increasingly large internet packages, it is sometimes useful and even practical to connection sharing of his phone.

Sometimes, even with a WiFi connection, your 4G connection will be more stable and powerful. This is not always the case of course, but it is worth a try.

In this article we will explain to you simply how to use your smartphone connection to share your connection, using a USB port. It makes sense to have a USB cable connecting your phone and your computer.

Here's how to do a USB internet connection sharing on Android.

Use your 4G mobile data to share a USB connection on an Android smartphone

We will detail here the procedure to do in order to be able to use your mobile plan for connection sharing, to get internet on your computer.

We will first explain to you the benefits of such use, and in what context it will be advantageous or not.

Why use a USB connection sharing from your internet plan

When you share your connection, logically, it's your mobile subscription that is debited. Be careful that this is sufficient. For better control and monitor your internet package spending, it is strongly recommended to read this article upstream:

How to manage your internet plan expenses on Android

So what interest in sharing your mobile internet connection ? Initially, this allows to have internet access on computer, In places where you do not have a Wifi terminal.

But also, it can happen that your Android smartphone with 4G subscription has a stronger internet signal than WiFi. In very stable connection conditions, where you get full 4G, you should know that this network is very powerful.

We are talking about a network with more than 20 MB in download. Here is an overview of our speed test on our smartphone, in an urban area with a good connection.

4G android connection test

If you have no idea what this represents, imagine you can download about 3-4 GB HD Movie in less than 5 min.

Logically, this must 4G network is stable at this speed so that the download goes as quickly.

To do the test yourself, here is a link to a website offering a free speed test:

Internet speed test

Benefits of a USB connection to share your phone's internet package

This is where the usb cable has advantages. You will be depending on the instability of the 4G network that reaches your phone, so from the 4G relay antenna> your phone, but your phone> your computer, the network is stabilized by your USB cable.

In addition, if for example you are in a public place, sharing your USB connection allows you to remain invisible, therefore undetectable by surrounding computers, unlike Wi-Fi sharing. This therefore prevents a hacker from potentially trying to steal information from you. Safer therefore.

Now that you know a little more about the USB connection sharing, here's how to set it up.

How to set up USB connection sharing between an Android smartphone and a computer

The principle is very simple. Take a USB cable of good quality in order to connect your two devices. If your cable is functioning normally, you should hear a little connection noise.

Once you've heard it, go to the settings from your phone.

  • Just type USB in your top search bar

You will see the menu " connection sharing via USB“, Click on it.

You should arrive on a page like this:

usb connection sharing option on android

Just check the USB connection sharing option. If this is not available, and you are plugged in, there must be a problem. Try a different cable if you can.

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So here's how to use your mobile internet package with an internet connection for your computer, or other mobile devices.

Now you know how to share an internet connection via USB on Android.

If you have all the same access to a Wifi network, but that it is not very powerful, and you wish to have the best possible network, know that it is possible to use the two networks in parallel, in order to optimize your connection.

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This very interesting article will make you discover how to optimize your internet connection, when it is unstable, and you have access to 4G and Wifi.