You are view and sort your photos on your phone, and you would like them select all at once. It would make your life easier to send them to a friend, or to just sort them out. This corresponds to one of the many photo management controls that make our lives easier on Android smartphones.

But you don't know how to do it. There is a small tip on Android smartphone in order to be able to manage all the photos in a single action.

We show you in this little tutorial how select all photos on android phone. Note that this general manipulation concerns Android smartphones in general, there may be slightly different specificities depending on your model, or the version of Android you have.

The procedure will remain fairly close. here's how manage your photos on Android.

Controls to select all photos on Android smartphone

In order to be able to place an order on all photos, it is necessary first that all these photos are in the same folder. It will not be possible to select photos from different folders.

Check all photos in a folder on Android smartphone

The procedure is childish. Stay press a few seconds on one of the photos, in order to reveal a small box on each photo.

  • Then you can check the photos one by one that you want add to selection.
  • For select them all at once, it is simply enough press the command « select all“, Present at the bottom right of your screen.
check all photos to select them

Here's how to select all photos in a folder. If your photos are not in the same folder, you must first move them to be able to manage them all at once.

To move photos from one folder to another, it's very easy. Here's how to do it:

Move photos to Android so you can select them all

As mentioned above, the condition prerequisite to be able select a set of photosis that they are in the same folder. To do this, do the following:

  • Open the gallery or the app you use to manage your photos
  • Go to the folder containing photos that you want to manage
  • Select these photos, as explained above
  • Tap 3 small points or a toothed wheel, located in bottom right of your screen
  • Then press move
  • Finally, you will have to choose the destination folder. Collect all the photos you want to manage in the same folder in order to select them all
Move photos to select more

Here are the different Android tips to check and select a set of photos at once. After that, if you want to send them for example, it's also very simple:

How to send a set of selected photos on Android

Here is the little manipulation to help you send a set of photos that you have previously selected.

  • In the folder containing your photos to send, select them all, as learned above
  • Once all checked, press share at the bottom left of your screen
  • Choose to complete the Send mode. Mail, Messenger, save them on your Cloud ... etc
steps to send a group of selected photos, on Android

Here are some tips for manage your photos more easily. If you are interested in the manipulation of photos, here are some articles that may interest you: