Old android update

You come from update your smartphone Android or the automatic update is activated and you end up with a unstable version of android, or simply it does not suit you by its use? Do not panic, today it is possible to reverse the process in order to revert to an earlier version of Android.

If you just want to make a manual update from your smartphone without necessarily reverting to an older version, here is a link to the article that will help you do a manual update.

Warning before you start this procedure, you will have to save your personal data because they will deleted. Also, keep in mind that with the following procedure, you take risks about the manufacturer's warranty of your smartphone and its proper functioning.

Important note : This procedure will serve you whether you want to go from version 9 to 8 of Android, or to version 7, or any other version (Pie, Nougat, Oreo, Marshmallow, Lollipop…) and should work for any destination version chosen.

Install an old version of Android on your smartphone

We will explain you step by step the different steps in order to downgrade your smartphone (opposite upgrader, in English).

Install the right software to be able to downgrade your Android smartphone

Software to be able to downgrade the Android smartphone

Step 1 : Install the drivers for your smartphone on your computer.

First, you need to be able to connect your Android smartphone to your PC and install the new version. To do this, therefore, install drivers from your phone to your computer, or an application allowing you to recognize your smartphone, which will allow you to intervene on it from your PC. Here are some links to download the most famous models of smartphone software on Android:

Motorola : https://support.motorola.com/us/en/drivers

Samsung : https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy/others/android-usb-driver-for-windows

Google : https://developer.android.com/studio/run/win-usb

Nokia : https://www.commentcamarche.net/download/telecharger-34055406-nokia-pc-suite

Huawei : https://huaweiadvices.com/download-huawei-usb-drivers/

Once you have performed the installation, you need restart your PC, even if they don't offer it to you.

Step 2 : Remember to activate the " USB debugging of your smartphone ”, By going to: Settings> Developer options> USB debugging. This option allows you to have more freedom of access to your phone in order to install your desired version without constraint.

Step 3 : Root your smartphone.

Root phone, access device source files

What does it mean ? in English, root means " the root ". In other words, it means that you are accessing source files of your phone, and therefore sensitive files. And this is where we change the versions of android normally blocked. Phone brands block this kind of access by default because it exposes us to malfunctions if we are not attentive to what we are doing, by handling these important files. From the moment you make a " root "(Commonly called" jailbreak "on iPhone) on your smartphone, this means that you know what you are doing, and that you bear the consequences in case of failure.

here are some benefits à root your smartphone :

  • Installer no matter which version of Android!
  • Access to application only accessible with this mode there (also called " super user »Due to the extension of rights obtained).
  • You can customize your smartphone to a much greater degree, especially with start-up animations or system sounds.
  • You have more easily access to different applications of your smartphone and so you can close them and free up RAM to improve the performance of the device.
  • It is possible optimize battery usage by controlling the performance of the processor.
  • You have the possibility completely back up your personal data.

here are some software for rooter your Android smartphone :

One of these applications may be works better than the other with your smartphone, search the internet which one is best for you.

If you have followed the steps explained on installing these applications, then your smartphone must be rooted.

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of the procedure, there is a application very simple that will tell you if your Android smartphone is rooted or not.


If everything is good, let's move on.

Once your smartphone is rooted, you’ll need to download version of Android you want to use (otherwise called ROM, Read Only Memory). This file is a image of a specific version software, in this case Android.

Attention however : There are original versions of ROM and also customized and personalized versions by users. Search a little on the Internet the version that suits you best based on the specifics of each.

here is a lien to many phone models, with different ROM:

Or even

Once you have found the ROM for you, you will need download ODIN software, which will allow you to install the ROM on your smartphone:


You will therefore have to do some manipulation on your phone and your computer as well.

Use ODIN software to install the correct version of Android:

ODIN software to install the right version of Android
  • restart your phone in mode recovery. For that, you need press a key combination simultaneously. To know precisely these keys, we recommend that you type in Google recovery mode + " phone model In order to know these keys. For example, on a model Samsung, the keys are as follows: High volume + Home + Power. You have to press these three keys until the phone turns back on, and at this precise moment you just have to release the power key, keeping the other two keys pressed. This will take you to the famous recovery mode. You can move in this mode with the up and down volume keys, and validate with power.
  • At this stage of the procedure, you must make a " wipe cache " and one " wipe data factory reset ". Select these choices by validating with the button . Remember that this procedure erase data from your Android!
  • Restart your smartphone by selecting the option " Reboot System Now ". Do not forget to validate your request by pressing the Power button.
  • Go back to your PC: Launch the ODIN software.
  • Load your ROM file in " .tar " or " . Tar.md5 "Using the PDA button that you see right in the center of your software window. If your archive contains 3 fichiers, named PDA / Code, Phone / Modem et CSC, select each file in the format ".tar " or ". Tar.md5 In the corresponding fields.

Warning : do not check the box Division in the options on the left, only " Auto Reboot "And" F. Reset Time "And do not add PIT file to the right. This parameter allows you to make a possible change in the partition table. Very unusual, this happens if an internal software update has to change the layout of your partition. It is to be selected only in very specific cases.

  • Connect your phone with your USB cable. Wait for the installation of the device drivers to complete. To find out if the procedure was carried out correctly, you will see the " ID: COM »Be highlighted in blue, in the center left of your ODIN software window.
  • Push the button Start to start flash version of android that you wish. If the procedure does not start, try disconnecting / reconnecting the USB cable, and retry the procedure.
  • You will know if the procedure is started by seeing a progress bar on the screen of your smartphone and also on your computer. Wait until your ODIN software displays " PASS "And you see the restarting your smartphone under the good version of android. The procedure should take a maximum of 15 minutes, a little patience and you are finally with the version of Android you want!