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Unfortunately, you recently dropped your phone and found that the power button no longer works. You imagine yourself good to change it because this button is essential.

Is it true ? Not at all ! Android smartphones have endless resources to perform tasks in different ways. So don't panic, there are alternatives to use your phone without the power button, including restarting it.

In this article, we reveal all the techniques and tips to still use an Android phone without the power button, and how to restart it if necessary.

Alternatives to the power button on Android smartphone

First, it is important to know what state your smartphone is in. Is it only the push button that is broken ? In other words your power switch works but you cannot access it because there is no longer the plastic support on it?

If this is your case, here's a little trick, which happened to us on one of the test phones.

How to restart your phone using a paperclip to replace the power button

This method is a short term solution. IF this is only the plastic top button that is broken, then you can use a small, thin, pointed object, like a paperclip, for access the power button located below.

If you have a recent phone, chances are you received a small thin metal tool allowing to press in the small holes of the smartphone to take out the sim card. So use it for press your power button and restart your phone.

trick to use power button with android metal rod

Logically, this trick does works only on smartphones whose power button below still works. Take the test to see if yours still works.

If you find that it does not work, so here other alternatives for you, in order to restart your Android smartphone without the power button.

Use your fingerprint to unlock the smartphone and restart it

If you have a recent smartphone, having the function of digital recognition, it is possible to configure in order to unlock your smartphone. So, no need for the power button to access the main menu. Then it will take download the proposed application lower or configure your accessibility options for access your phone's restart menu.

For set up a fingerprint on Android, it's over there :


The same is possible on phones equipped with facial recognition.

Set up facial recognition to unlock your phone

This feature is generally only available on recent smartphones. To find out if you have it on your phone, type "facial recognition" in settings.

You will eventually access a tool like this:

facial recognition to unlock smartphone without power button

Configure it in order to use your face as an unlocking tool, and so override the use of the power button. Subsequently, it will also be necessary download the application below, or activate accessibility to access the restart menu of your Android smartphone.

Use Android's Accessibility Tool to access phone restart options

It exists on recent versions of Android a feature allowing add an accessibility menu to your main menu, with the main important options. Through this menu, you will be able to restart your phone without the power button.

For the configure, do like this:

  • In settings from your phone, type " accessibility shortcut« 
  • You will arrive at the page below, activate it, and choose the " accessibility menu« 
  • On your main menu, press the two buttons " high volume "And" low volume " simultaneously, 3 seconds
  • You will see a small logo in the shape of a man at the bottom right of your screen, press it
  • From there you have access to this menu, allowing you to restart your phone, without the power button
Steps to restart phone without power button

If you don't have no this feature on your phone, it exists the equivalent thanks to a downloadable application for free on the Play-store.

Use a Play-store application to relaunch your smartphone

There are some applications on the Play-store that will do the job of the power button. We have selected and tested one, which works correctly.

You can download So lien :

download power menu, to restart phone without power button

Once installed, the application will allow you to use the classic functions of the power button, directly on the screen.

If none of this works, and you have no access to your phone, there is a technique to access it through your computer, thanks to a small software allowing to make the bridge.

Restart your phone with ADB's reboot function

ADB What is that ? Diminutive for Android Debug Bridge, ADB is a tool for communicate (bridge = bridge) with your smartphone from your computer.

You just have to installer this tool on your PC, and then you can access your phone, and thus order him to restart with a simple command.

It still exists some prerequisites to use this method:

  • Le USB debugging enabled on your phone. This is the setting that allows your phone to communicate with your computer
  • Install and download ADB to access your phone since your computer
download tool to access the phone and restart it

If USB debugging had been enabled, then you can download this tool to your computer. Just click on the picture to access the download link.

USB debugging enabled to access the phone and restart it without power button

Once downloaded, install on your computer. Launch it automatically at the end of the installation.

  • Connect your phone via USB to your computer. You will see a command tool appear on your screen, like this:
  • Just type " adb reboot To restart your phone. If that doesn't work, it's probably because you haven't enabled USB Debugging.
ADB to communicate with android and restart the smartphone without power button
  • Two factors indicate if it has market or not :
    • You don't see no error message in the command line, as above. If it hadn't not worked, you would get an error message
    • You hear the sound of disconnection and reconnection of your smartphone to the USB device, due to restart

Here are all our tips to control your phone without the power button, and thus be able to restart it. If you have other concerns with your phone, here are some useful links: