how to reset polar watch

You have a long time polar watch but it doesn't work properly anymore, so you want to reset it. Where quite simply you want to erase the data and start from scratch, also thanks to the reset. Whatever your reason, it is therefore possible to reset your Polar watch.

Whether a Polar Vantage, Grit, Unite, M 430, Ignite, M200, or A370 procedure is identical to reset the settings.

This would allow, among other things, to sell your watch, if you do not want to keep it. But before performing this manipulation, it is important to dissociate two types of reset:

  • Software reset : This allows you to restart your watch while keeping the recorded data. Personal settings configured remain unchanged. You will simply have to reconfigure the time of your Polar watch. This is useful when you have small bugs or malfunctions, and want to restart your watch after a restart has not worked.
  • Factory reset : This manipulation is a little stronger. She will train the perte of all the saved settings in the watch. However, all personal data recorded on the Polar software or app are preserved. This feature will come in handy if you sell your watch for example.

In this article, then, here is how to perform these two operations on your Polar watch. If you want to turn off your watch instead, then read this article:


Handling to reset your Polar watch

Here is the procedure in detail, depending on the reset you want to perform.

Soft reset your Polar

The procedure is very simple to do this:

  • You simply have to simultaneously press the " UP"," BOTTOMS"," RETURN "And" LIGHT For 5 seconds. Stop when you see Polar animation appear on the screen.

Notes : Once the manipulation has been carried out, you will have to set the time on your device again.

Again, this manipulation will not erase any of your saved settings, nor your personal information already collected.

Factory reset

This procedure is a little more serious. As the name suggests, here you will restore the watch to the same condition as when you bought it new. If you want to use it after that, then you will need configure everything again.

it will not erase your personal data stored on the application or computer software. Only the watch settings will be deleted.

Here's how to do it:

  • First, you will need the next software that you can download here on your computer :
download polar software
  • Once downloaded, install the
  • Now connect your polar watch at your computer, via his USB cable
  • On Polar software FlowSync, open the tab "Settings« 
  • You will see the button " Factory reset", Click on it

Notes : The procedure may take a little while, do not unplug your watch.

If you want to sell the watch and no longer use it, consider delete the product associated with your account, on the Polar site:

You just need to log into your account, then unlink your Polar watch with this account. This will allow the person who uses it after you to associate it with their own account.

So here are the different steps to reset your Polar watch. This procedure works across the entire Polar range.