restore factory settings android phone

You've found an old phone that you'd like to use, but it's full of apps or other stuff of all kinds that don't interest you, so you would like to clean in order to use it like new.

Or simply you no longer use a phone, and want to sell it, without sharing the information on it, or the buyer wishes to recover it as new, in terms of data.

Know that it is possible to reset your Android smartphone in order to find it as when it left the factory. Logically, this procedure will lead to deletion of all data stored on it, the exception Datas saved on memory card, independent of the phone.

Otherwise called " Hard reset“, This ultimate solution therefore allows you to start from scratch, in order to purify the phone you want to use.

Here is how to reset your Android smartphone.

How to restore your Android phone to factory settings

This function is directly accessible from your phone settings. We repeat once again, this feature aims to clean the phone completely, there is no going back. So be careful back up all important data beforehand.

No matter the your phone brand, the procedure is almost identical. We are demonstrating on a recent phone, with the Android version 10.

To perform this " hard reset“, Follow this procedure:

  • Open them settings from your smartphone
  • In the top search bar, type " reset" , or " to erase« 
  • You will see the menu " Reset phone »Appear, open the
  • In the reset options, therefore choose " reset phone »As below

You will therefore see the various accounts connected to this phone appear, as well as all the data that will be deleted.

When you have verified that you are not erasing data that you need, press " RESTORE FACTORY VALUE "In bottom of your screen.

Let it be procedure which lasts a few minutes, and you will find a phone like new, when it left the factory.

If the menus are different on your phone, because your version of Android is older, here's what to do.

How to reset your Android smartphone to an old version of Android.

Restore your Android smartphone to old versions

We perform the manipulation on an Android 6 version.

  • In settings your phone, go down to the tab " safely« 
  • Open the menu " Backup and Reset« 
  • As below, you can therefore reset your phone, by pressing " Restore factory settings« 
reset smartphone to old version of android

Here are the different manipulations in order to restore your phone. As you can see, the procedure is very simple.

The most important thing to do is to make sure you have saved all this data beforehand.

Be aware that it is also possible perform this reset with a switched off phone, by opening what is called the " Recovery mode". It's a mode available on Android which allows access to functions without turning on the phone normally.

This is what we use for example when we have no more access to the phone, when we lost the password or the unlock pattern.

How to erase all data on your phone using recovery mode

In order to perform a hard reset from a switched off phone, here's how. The procedure can vary a little depending on the brand of mobile.

Thus, we detail the procedure according to the brand of your phone.

So follow this manipulation according to the brand of your smartphone in order to access the Recovery mode, which will allow to erase all data from your phone:

  • Xiaomi : Start your smartphone while staying supported on the buttons " volume up "And"   " a few seconds.
  • Samsung : Turn on the phone by keeping the “volume up” + “home” + “power” button pressed until the Samsung logo appears.
  • Huawei : Same procedure without the " home ».
  • Sony : Switch on your phone normally. When the small light on the phone comes on, press the "volume up" button several times
  • HTC : Start the device by keeping the button pressed. volumes down "And"   " a few seconds.

IF you have trouble launching your smartphone in Recovery Mode, refer to official website of your brand for more details.

When you are done, you will see different options appear, when your phone will restart in Recovery mode.

you will therefore simply have to choose from the available options " Wipe data / factory reset". You will finish the procedure by restarting your phone.

it will erase so all phone data, except what is present on the memory card.

Here are all the steps to erase the data of your Android phone, and thus reset it, as when it left the factory.

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