how to reset your Samsung Galaxy watch

You use a samsung galaxy watch for many years, but suddenly it no longer works properly. Or it still works fine, but you want to sell it.

In these two situations, a resetting your watch is a suitable manipulation. It is simply necessary to understand what reset we are talking about, in order to best adapt to your case:

  • Software reset or network : This allows you to restart your watch by keeping recorded data. Personal settings configured remain unchanged. You will simply have to reconfigure the time of your Polar watch. This is useful when you have small bugs or malfunctions, and want to restart your watch after a restart has not worked.
  • Factory reset : This manipulation is a little stronger. She will train the perte of all the saved settings in the watch. However, all personal data recorded on software or application Samsung wearable are preserved. This feature will come in handy if you sell your watch for example.

so here's how to reset your Samsung Galaxy watch. If you need this because your watch no longer turns on, also check out our specific article on this subject:


How to reset your Samsung Galaxy watch

Here are the different manipulations depending on the reset that suits you.

Software or network reset of your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Here are the two types of "light" resets, which do not result in loss of data or saved settings.

Perform a network reset on your Samsung watch from the menu

In order to only restart the network, for example when you have a connection problem, do like this:

  • Since screen saver, press the button " Home« 
  • Press on " Parameters", Then open the connections
  • Choose here the " Mobile networks«, Then press« reset« 
  • Validate the procedure by pressing the radio button

From there, the watch starts to reset. Wait a bit for the procedure to finish.

If you don't have access to the menu, here's how to perform the same reset, but from the physical buttons on your watch. Convenient when it is blocked.

Resetting the network of your Samsung watch using the buttons

The procedure for this reset is very simple:

  • Simply press the "power" button (the one at the bottom right) for 10 seconds.

You will see a confirmation of the procedure appear on the screen. Then wait for the procedure to finish.

So here are the two simple reset procedures that do not result in data loss. Now here's how to perform a factory reset when the problem is more serious or you want to sell your watch.

Factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch

Important: Before performing this procedure, keep in mind that this remove :

  • downloads
  • the ringtones
  • images
  • applications
  • intentional pushing, shoving or physical contact with another player

This reset does not however does not delete the data stored on the SIM card. So save your personal data on it, or on another medium, if possible, to save them.

There are therefore, as for the 1st reset, two ways to do this. With the menu of the watch, and with its buttons.

How to reset your watch to factory settings, with the menu

This procedure is available if you have access to the menu of your watch. To perform this reset, here are the different steps on your Samsung Galaxy Watch:

  • Open home of your watch
  • Access the settings, then " general« 
  • You will see the option " reset", Press it

Validate the procedure, then wait for it to take place. So you will have a watch restored to its factory settings, just like when you bought it.

If you don't have access to the menu, here's how from the physical buttons:

Reset your watch to factory settings using the buttons

The procedure involves the same data loss as just before. Take precautions with regard to the data stored on it.

Here is how to do the reset:

  • Press the key " Power "(The bottom right one) and keep it pressed until" REBOOTING »Is displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Press the “ Power "Until the" Select REBOOT MODE "Is displayed
  • Press the “ On Off "Until the option" Recovery »Is highlighted
  • Press the key " Home »3 seconds to validate the procedure.

Wait as well as the procedure ends.

so here's how to reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch. If despite this, it still doesn't work, and you need help, here's a link to Samsung support:

Samsung Customer Service