Method to reset an Android smartphone.

Would you like resell your smartphone or give it to a loved one? Or is your phone running very slowly? Whether you are in either case, know that it is important to reset your device. To get there, learn the steps to follow in this article.

Open the application then access the settings

The first step to take when you want reset your smartphone, it is to first access the parameter menu of the latter. This is the cogwheel icon among the apps on your phone.

As for Huawei laptops, they have a “unique Android operating system” layer called EMUI which differentiates them from other pure Android. If it is for example a Huawei p40 lite, you must scroll down through your laptop settings then click on the "System" option.

Choose the "advanced" option to reset

Once in " System You will see the option " Advanced ". Click on it to show all advanced options from your smartphone. Then click on " Reset options ».

At this level, you will have all the reset possibilities. It could be a network restore or a partial or full reset of your cell phone. To initiate the actual reset, tap on the option “Erase all data (factory reset)” or simply “Factory data reset”.

Confirm reset

You will first receive a confirmation message that lists all your accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, One Drive, and all the data uploaded to Google. You just need to scroll down and then tap on "Reset phone". Then a second message will notify you that all information stored on your device and downloaded apps will be deleted. It should be remembered that this action, once initiated, is irreversible.

If you still want to continue, all you have to do is click on "Clear all" to finalize the reset. So your phone will restart in a few minutes while restoring the device to its original state and optimizing the system apps.

Note that it is also possible to reset your device in recovery mode. However, this requires d'' completely switch off your phone before starting the process.

Remember that there are several ways to reset an Android phone. The process to get there is generally the same for most brands. Thus, by following the above steps, you will be able to reset your phone. Feel free to call a technicThere is nothing to guide you so as not to damage your smartphone.