How to remove VPN on Android

He should have a VPN on his Android phone has many advantages. Whether it's anonymity on the web, data security, no advertising traceability, in short, a whole lot of advantages. But you may also need to remove it, or you just don't always need it.

It may seem trivial as a procedure but when you have never done it yet you don't necessarily know. So here's how disable VPN that you have installed on your Android phone.

How to remove the VPN installed on my Android phone

How to remove the VPN installed on my Android phone

The procedure is close to when you configured it. return to your " Parameters »Phone, then in the tab« More". Then you will see your different VPNs configured, just press the specific VPN settings tab, then " deactivate" page (in French).

Be careful, if you have installed a VPN on your phone, you may be blocked by a code or a scheme for when you want to disable / uninstall it. To overcome this, go to the settings from your phone and then policy, and screen lock. From there you can activate / deactivate the code or scheme that prevents you to remove your VPN.

Reminder of the usefulness of a VPN on your Android smartphone

Attention, before uninstall VPN installed on your smartphone, here is a brief reminder of the advantages of it installed on your smartphone. Let's review what this brings you:

  • An encrypted VPN connection
How to remove the VPN installed on my Android phone

When for example you connect to a public network, (restaurants, fast-food, cafes, airports etc.) you expose yourself to the possibility that this network uses your personal data for commercial purposes or even more serious, than someone with malicious intent connected to this network tries to you steal sensitive data such as passwords or credit card numbers… With your VPN well installed, so you have a new IP address which locates you elsewhere than where you are physically and therefore you do not appear on the public network.

  • Different IP address
Different IP address vpn android

As explained in the paragraph just above, when you connect to a VPN you change the IP address of your Android smartphone. This means that it changes the location of it. And this can come in handy when there are connection restrictions depending on the country you are in. If for example you are located in China for work and you need to access content that is blocked through the Chinese network, just connect to a network from a different country (with your VPN you can locate where you want) and thus have access to any otherwise inaccessible content. The same would be true if you wanted to watch a program available only in certain countries.

  • Anonymous login
anonymous vpn android web

Your connection becomes anonymous when your VPN is installed and therefore allows you to avoid all tracking made by advertising via cookies, and also social media. In addition, and this point also relates to the previous paragraph, your connection is no longer accessible to users of this network, or even governments that could potentially surveiller for various reasons. Last point and this one is however not recommended even if it exists, you can download without risking to get caught by Hadopi!

Conclusion on disabling VPN on Android smartphone

As explained above, when you disable your VPN, you expose yourself to many risks that we have explained. However, it is not not essential to have a VPN, it may be just important for you to know under what conditions it can be interesting to own one, and to know what price you are ready to put for this service.

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