Android smartphone camera logo without its photo

You love take pictures with your phone. These days, with the quality of built-in cameras, it is almost no longer necessary to take an independent camera on vacation.

Your Android smartphone can take very high resolution photos, which is really convenient. However, each time you take a picture, a little sound is emitted, which can be very restrictive, Or indiscreet.

You naturally wish remove this sound in order to take pictures in silence. Here is a little tutorial to explain to you simply how to remove that little sound without silencing your phone completely.

Different methods to mute the sound when taking a photo

Here are different technics used to take a picture in peace. Adapt these options according to your phone, some may not work with your Android model.

Put your phone in discreet mode to mute all sounds

On the vast majority of telephones, it is possible to silence and thus mute all sounds. However, this method may not work on some models.

We explain how to do it:

lower the sound to mute camera noise
  • Use the button side to adjust your sound.

Press the volume down until you see the crossed out musical note. So, logically, all sounds on your phone are muted. It may be that on some models this does not work.

Made the test on the camera to be sure. IF that doesn't work, open your settings:

  • In settings from your phone, type " shows »In the search bar at the top of your screen
  • Open the " sounds and vibrations« 
  • Make sure that the option " multimédia »Is cut, as shown below
mute phone to mute camera

This method, although general, should work in order to mute the camera. However, this is not the best method. This is a possible alternative, but not ideal.

Let's see in detail how specifically mute the sound of the camera without muting all sounds. This can be handy for example if you want to keep your phone on ringing mode for calls, but not hear that camera sound.

Remove snapshot sound in camera settings

This function, logically available on most cameras, will be able to mute all sounds made by your phone when you take a photo or video.

However, the method may be a little different on your smartphone, depending on the brand and version of Android. Chances are it's pretty close.

For remove sound from taking photo, do like this:

  • Open your camera
  • Press the small cogwheel, Or 3 small dots, at the top right of your screen. This represents your settings
  • In these options there must be a sound adjustment. It can be written " silent " or " cut his« 
  • Check this option, as below as an example
mute on android camera

If this option is available, it will be the simplest and most efficient method. However, it can happen that this option either not available, or else not working.

There is still a method for you if that is the case for you. On the Play-store, we have found applications to control the sounds emitted by the camera of your android smartphone.

Download an app to control your camera's sound on Android

Cette méthode works on any android device, provided you find the application that will be compatible with your phone.

We have selected a few, among the best on the market.

Silent camera

silent camera download link

This photo taking tool will allow you to take pictures in peace. As long as you use this application for your photos, no sound will be emitted.

Very easy to use, it will allow you to take all the shots you want without worrying about your phone sound. Just click on the image to see the link on the Play-store.

So here are the different methods to control the sound emitted by your camera. Choose the method that best suits your phone.

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