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Self-correction, or spelling correction, is a helpful writing tool which is often very practical. Indeed, your keyboard tries to guess for you the end of your sentences, in order to save you precious time in writing.

On paper, this is very practical. In addition, it also helps to avoid spelling mistakes.

But unfortunately, in reality, this tool can sometimes backfire on you. Bad predictions, words that are launched without any relation to the discussion ... In short, we sometimes spend more time in correct the spell checker than actually writing your message.

So sometimes the easiest solution is to write yourself, without any automated help. so how to do this on his phone?

The manipulation to be performed is not in the application you are using. It is located in the input settings of your Android smartphone.

So here is a tutorial to show you how to remove auto-correction on android smartphone.

How to turn off autocorrect on Android phone

First, we will show you the handling for the recent phones. Our test phone here has the Android version 10, If you have an older version, the procedure may be a little different. We will discuss this a little later in the article.

In addition, the procedure varies depending on the keyboard you are using. Here, we present the manipulation with the 2 main keyboards used on Android.

  • SwiftKey : the default keyboard on Android
  • Gboard : the keyboard developed by Google

Here is how to remove the automatic corrector on version 10 of Android.

Disable auto correction on the Swift Key keyboard - Android 10

The procedure is very simple for this keyboard:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Look for the tab " Languages ​​and input »And open the
  • You may see your keyboard appear, if it is correctly installed. Click on it
  • When you are in keyboard options, you will be able to see the tab " Capture Including general text input settings, open the
  • At the first line you can see automatic correction option, deactivate it to remove the prediction when entering text

Here is the procedure for remove text input prediction on Swift Key keyboard. If you are using the google Gboard keyboard instead, here's how. You'll see, it's pretty much the same.

Remove Google Gboard Typing Prediction - Android 10

On the google keyboard, the procedure is almost identical. Here's how to do it:

  • Still in the tab of languages ​​and entries, so press the tab " Gboard keyboard« 
  • Among the different settings displayed, you will see the option " text correction", Open the
  • Then go down a bit and turn off automatic correction. This will prevent your words are automatically replaced when you write

so here's how to remove autocorrect from your text. You can notice among the parameters that it is possible activate only word suggestion.

In other words, the keyboard will suggest corrections to you, without imposing them. It will simply take click on the words to use them. This is a good compromise between automatic correction and no correction at all.

Now here is how to remove auto-correction on Android, but in older version.

Disable spell checker on older versions of Android

If you have a older version of android, the procedure will be a little different. However, you will have to deactivate ce parameter in the same menu: Languages ​​and Inputs.

  • Go to settings of your phone
  • Open the tab Languages ​​and entries
  • You will directly see the option " spell checker »Deactivate

Here are all the manipulations to show you how to remove auto-correction on Android in order to use a keyboard without helpregardless of your version of Android or the keyboard you use. If you want more information on using your phone's keypad, here's a little more help: