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Data consumption is an essential topic when we use a smartphone. Indeed, virtually any tool used on Android consumes data. And some do it without even using it.

Depending on the size of your plan, it is therefore potentially essential to master your data consumption, in order to avoid large bills at the end of the month.

So here is a detailed guide to help you better control your data consumption, in order to reduce it.

We will explain you step by step on which parameters to play in order to reduce its data consumption on Android.

Better control and monitor your data consumption on Android smartphones

You should know that your phone is constantly connected to the internet, and you are paying a plan for this service. But currently, the plans are not unlimited. Unlike your Wifi, at home, where you logically have no consumption limit.

Before trying to reduce consumption, it is important first to have a control over their data, and find out what's going on. There are settings on your phone and tools in order to monitor this consumption. A brief overview of the tools at your disposal.

The first thing to know is your limit. To find out your package, go to your customer area on your supplier's website (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, etc.) or call customer service.

Once you have this information, you can enter details into your internet package usage.

Details of data usage on your smartphone

For a global view of your consumption, go to your settings. From there, type " data consumption In your search bar and open the tab.

You will appear on the following page:

details of internet data usage on android

In this photo, taken from our test phone, we can see that we have consumed 37Go of data for this month. Our package, including 100Go, allows us to go that far. Pay attention to know your limit well.

Here's a quick reminder of the units of measure we need:

  • 1Go or Giga Byte = 1000Mo or Mega Byte
  • 1Mo = 1000Ko or Kilo Byte

Today, packages are generally expressed in Giga Bytes. Your package often includes between 1 and 100 Giga Bytes.

With the graph presented above, you have a detail per day of consumption. This allows you to monitor what has happened each day, and trace an unusually high consumption.

If you descend a little, you will see the consumption detail by application. This is very important. You will be able to target which applications consume the most internet data. Here is our example:

consumer applications data smartphone android

Here we can see which services or applications consume a lot of data. In detail, we see that tethering, depending on what you do with it, can consume a lot of data.

We also notice that the video applications take a prominent place in this consumption.

In order to control your consumption, it is therefore important to set limits and alerts. This will give you a clear idea of ​​where you are at.

Set a data limit on Android

Still in the data consumption settings, you have the option " more parameters given". Open there.

  • Then open the option " monthly mobile data limit« 
  • Place a limit according to your subscription. This will ensure you do not exceed it, thus avoiding the famous out package, which can cost a fortune

There is also an option in these options "Consumption reminder" that can be seen in the central image. This allows you to have a more precise follow-up, throughout the month. Because setting a limit that you should not exceed is good, but it does not tell you where you are, and if you reach it you will no longer have internet on your phone until the next month.

It is therefore important to follow his consumption throughout the month.

Place regular consumption reminders. For example, if like us, you have a 100GB plan, it may be worth setting 4 reminders. One reminder per week, in order to better detail its consumption.

  • 1 booster at 25 GB
  • Recall at 50 GB
  • Recall at 75 GB
  • Last callback to 100 GB

So, logically, you will not exceed 25GB of consumption per week, thus allowing you to budget better.

Now that you have a better understanding of consumption control tools, here is how to effectively limit the data consumption of your Android smartphone.

How to reduce your internet consumption on your Android smartphone

Alors how to use less mobile data? We will give you our tips.

Connect as much as possible to Wifi

You got it, the Wifi, if available near you, allows you to use the internet without limit. As soon as you are connected to it, your mobile data is thus preserved. Logically, prioritize WiFi as soon as you can.

Update applications only in Wifi

There is a setting on your phone that allows you to update applications only in Wifi. If it is not checked, your phone will automatically update your applications, as soon as the updates are available, even if you are not connected to Wifi.

To make sure this option is checked, follow this step:

  • Open the Play store from your phone
  • Tap on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left of your screen
  • Open them settings
  • Press the option " automatic update of apps« 
  • Make sure that the option " Via the Wifi only »Is checked, as below
download applications only in wifi to limit internet consumption

Application updates are sometimes large. If you don't have a substantial internet plan, be sure to check this option. This will limit your consumption.

Limit the quality of the videos you watch

You understood it, the sinews of war in terms of data consumption, these are the videos. This can represent a data hole, if it is not mastered. Here is a small table summary of consumption, According to video quality that you watch:

Facebook video in standard 1 minute format25Mo
1 minute video trailer in HD format on YouTube60 MB
4 minute video trailer in 1K format on YouTube340 MB
Netflix episode in HD format 45 minGo 1.88
Netflix movie in 4K format of 2 hours11.4Go

Here is also a link to a website that allows you to calculate the size of the videos you watch, according to different parameters. This is the tool we used to calculate the numbers above.

Calculate the size of a video on Android smartphone

So try to limit the viewing of videos on your smartphone, or to limit the quality of it. Indeed, consumption increases exponentially as you increase the quality.

It is the same if you watch streaming, whether they are series on Netflix, or for example gaming on Twitch.

Conclusion and reminders of internet consumption usage

What to remember from all this?

  • Connect to Wifi as soon as possible
  • Do not download or update your applications when you are not on Wifi
  • Limit video viewing

Here are 3 main tips to follow to limit your internet consumption on Android.

If you use services like GPS, or music, the consumption is derisory compared to what was mentioned above, so don't bother with that.

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