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The bonus without deposit are among the most used means by online casinos to attract players, in order to encourage them to then bet money. They usually come in various forms, so as to meet the requirements of the players, to attract as many people as possible. How to receive a no deposit bonus in an online casino? Find out in this article everything you need to know about it.

No deposit bonuses: what are they?

A no deposit bonus is a form of free bonus offered by a online casino, once you have finalized your registration. Concretely, it is a question of welcome bonuses which are offered to you in the form of free spins or free coins, after registering at an online casino.

In the case of some casinos, said bonuses are free playing time offered to customers on the toy library. The main purpose of the casinos that offer these offers is to allow players to play games online, without spending money.

Although most online casinos make you offers as soon as you sign up, others require you to apply first.

No deposit bonuses at online casinos

The best internet casinos offer their players no deposit bonuses. However, to take advantage of it, it is essential for players to be informed of the different types of no deposit bonuses available, and their accessibility conditions. Here are some formats that are quite popular and within reach of all players.

Free spins

Still known as free spins, the free spins without deposit are particularly granted to lovers of slot machines. This kind of no deposit bonus at French online casinos allows you to play your favorite games, without having to pay a penny.

Thanks to the free spin, you have the possibility of launching a certain number of spins, on all the slot machines offered, without spending any money. Most of the time, when it comes to a new game, free spins are offered to you with promo codes. This allows the passage to promote the game.

Free play times

If you are a fan of casino games, you can also take advantage of no deposit bonuses in the form of completely free play time. Some online sites offer you the possibility of benefiting from a game time defined in advance, without having to bet any money.

In most cases, the games last between 15 and 20 minutes. During this period, you have the opportunity to play for free and make winnings.

Referral bonuses

The referral bonus are also a no deposit bonus solution offered by online casinos. Players who benefit from this offer are allowed to enjoy all the games that are part of the site's catalog for free.

However, referral bonuses are not systematically offered to all users, but only to those who have invited players through their referral link. For players already registered, there is a feature on the site to generate referral links.

Once they have created them, players just have to share their referral link with relatives to earn bonuses after registration. It's a great way to get no deposit casino bonuses to play without spending.

Loyalty bonuses

Unlike other forms of no deposit bonuses, loyalty bonus are a little more difficult to obtain. They are offered only to players who participate in the loyalty program of the selected site.

In practice, as you play on the platform, you accumulate loyalty points that you can convert into no deposit bonuses or cashback. Loyalty bonuses are therefore particularly accessible to players who remain loyal to a online casino.

In short, to benefit from no deposit bonuses, you can bet on free spins, free play time, referral bonuses or loyalty bonuses.