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Files in ZIP format are very often used in computer science, whether on phone or computer. Indeed, it allows store more files by compressing them. Very practical when your storage space is limited on your Android smartphone for example.

In this article we will explain to you simply how a ZIP file works on an Android smartphone, et how to read it, always from your android phone.

Note that you will need a application to read a ZIP file on your phone Android. If you want to go directly to how to read a ZIP file, go to second paragraph.

How a ZIP file works on Android smartphone

If you've ever had to email, download, or upload several large files or programs, you've probably used ZIP files before.
These compressed files are therefore gathered in a single folder, which thanks to a document compression method reduces its size. And with its reduced size, the file is therefore easier to send, and easier to download. On your Android smartphone, this will therefore limit the use of mobile data for the download and read it.

How a ZIP file works and why it is used

This technology has been around since around 1986, when the first compressed ZIP files were sent. But how does it actually work? How is it possible to send exactly the same files, without losing anything, from one device to another, reducing their size?

The process is rather simple to explain and understand in theory. Here is a simple explanation of a ZIP file:

Imagine a ZIP file made up of text files. In these texts, certain words are repeated several times:

  • Un ZIP file is easily transferred between two Android phones. Reading this ZIP file will easily on your android phone.

What do we see in this sentence: The words "ZIP file", "easily", "Android phone" are repeated several times.
When the ZIP file is compressed, the information will not retain the entire word, but the number of times the words are repeated, and where they appear.

Computing, it takes more space to remember the whole words, than to remember how many times they appear in the text. The ZIP file therefore retains thanks to its algorithm where and how many times the words appear.

When you read your ZIP file on your Android smartphone, the decompression software has the information to transcribe the text exactly as it was before the compression.

We have intentionally simplified the explanation here in order to explain the process to you. If you want to go further in the explanation, here is a link to a detailed explanation of the compression process:

Now let's move on to the most important part, how to read a ZIP file on your android smartphone.

How to read ZIP file on Android smartphone

As explained in the introduction, you will have to download an application on your phone in order to read this ZIP file. We've tested several, and probably picked the best one, which works perfectly. It's called WinZIp.

To use it, you just have to download it from your Play-store, and install it. You can click on the image below to read more about this Android application.

link to download app decompression zip file android

Once WinZip application installed, start it. Note that you can read the files in ZIP format with this application, but you can also create a zip file with multiple files, in order to compress their size and put them together, in order to send them more easily.

Here is the procedure on the application to read ZIP files on your Android smartphone :

  • Find the folder containing your ZIP file you want to read
  • Once found, keep your finger pressed on it for a few seconds, so that it is checked, as in the example below
  • Once checked, press the UNZIP logo at the bottom of your screen
  • Choose the destination folder for your extracted documents
how to open and read ZIP file on android phone

As you can see reading a ZIP file on smartphone is very easy, if you now want to create one, here is how to do it.

How to Create ZIP File on Android Phone

You now know how to read a ZIP file on your Android smartphone. To go a little further in the explanations, here is how to create ZIP file from files on your phone. We still use the WinZip application for handling.

  • Select all the documents you want to compress into a single ZIP file
  • When selected as below, just press the logo at the bottom right, where it is written ZIP
  • Then choose the save folder of your ZIP file
  • The trick is played, you have a ZIP file that you can share!
create zip file on android phone

If you want to find another app that works, and also manipulate RAR files, here is a link to an article that may also help you: