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Le Excel format, developed by Microsoft, is widely used in today's office automation. offers calculations, graphics tools, PivotTables, and a whole bunch different management tools.
It has been very widely used for over 20 years now, and continues to be widely used, whether on the computer or the telephone.

Corn how to read an Excel file on Android smartphone?

You may ask yourself what are the best tools who can effectively read your Excel documents on your phone.

We will do a brief description of the current market and various competitors, offering their services. We will thus see a brief analysis of the Microsoft offer with the Microsoft Office suite, and in the face of competition from Google, with Google Sheets.

After that, you will be able to determine which tools are best suited to you for read an Excel file on your Android smartphone.

Microsoft Excel vs Google Sheets competition

In order to read and use excels tools, you have roughly two options: The tools offered by Microsoft, or by Google. We wanted to test some alternatives with other applications, but it was inconclusive. The content was not optimized, and very often paid, for questionable quality.

We therefore advise you to stay on the tools of Microsoft or Google. What's the difference between the two on your phone? The pros and cons are relatively similar, apart from two:

  • One of the main differences is the sharing and editing your excel / sheet file. If you are on Microsoft excel, you cannot work together on the same document. On the Google Office suite, simultaneous sharing, creation and modification on the same document is possible.
  • Another important point: The price. The pack Microsoft office to read your excel files is not free, around 60 € per year. VShez Google, the Office suite is completely free.

So it's up to you to make your own opinion, we offer both tools for download for your Android smartphone. In both cases, you will have the opportunity to read an Excel file on your phone.

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What tools to use to read an Excel file on Android smartphone

In this paragraph we will detail the best tools you can use on your phone to open and read Excel document.

Download an application to open an Excel document on the phone

Google Sheets via the Office pack by Google

Here are the main applications compatible with this type of format.

Google Sheets, available for free on the Play-store, will allow you to open and read your Excel documents on Android.

Microsoft Excel on the Microsoft Office suite

so here's Microsoft's alternative to read your Excel files. As explained above, you will need a subscription in order to be able to use these tools after passing the 30-day test phase.

Simply click on the image to download the application on the Play-Store.

download link for excel file reader app on android